Silencis Pro Review

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Tinnitus, a.k.a. ear ringing, affects more than 45 Million Americans and countless more around the world. The intensity of the ringing does indeed vary. For some, it’s a mild or occasional ear ringing, while for others it is actually a deafening, constant ringing.

Traditionally, most studies were focused on proving that tinnitus comes from the an affection of the inner ear. But the one taboo subject was a daunting question: “Why do deaf people get Tinnitus?”.

This question haunted the researchers from the Institute for Hearing Performance. Their head researcher, Charles W. Brighton conducted a 3 year study on the root cause of Tinnitus and found a disturbing human experiment… which sparked our interest for this Silencis Pro Review.

The bizarre experiment was conducted in the 1950’s on deaf people. And because of little to no regulations on these types of medical researches, the doctors involved suggested that they could cure  Tinnitus by cutting the auditory nerve.

The idea was that “as long as you are deaf, you won’t hear a thing, but you won’t have tinnitus”.

The results were disappointing to say the least… since they got their auditory nerve surgically cut and went through the trauma of the surgery needlessly… their tinnitus getting even louder.

This discovery and many others, are what led them to the revolutionary discovery that Tinnitus isn’t in the ear, but in the brain!

Silencis Pro Comments

We were very pleased to have our MD analyse the ingredients and he found that they are non-invasive and risk-free.

Age is of little importance when taking Silencis Pro while all ingredients are natural and coming from the purest locations, assuring the high degree of bioavailability. This means that they made sure that your body will absorb all of the vitamins and phytonutrients, essential for a peaceful mind.

We’ve researched the market and found that most comments on the product are positive and many share their great results while on the supplement.

Silencis Pro Scam?

The Silencis Pro Customer Service team was another factor which made us believe that Silencis Pro supplement itself is not a scam operation.

It’s rare to find such a high degree of dedication and involvement in the entire process. They were kind, the waiting time was minimal, they answered all inquiries and followed up as they said they will.

We had no problems in receiving our package on our doorstep and could track it throughout the shipment process.

On the website the claim is that there have been absolutely no side effects with the ingredients, but if you know that you have an allergic reaction, it is always best to consult with your doctor before taking any of the pills, if you know yourself to be sensitive to any other supplements. .

Is Silencis Pro Real?

Despite it being a new release on the market, mixed reviews already started popping up, from people claiming that it won’t work to those saying all this company wants is money.

Our opinion on this? We like to consider objectiveness when reviewing products… so, people saying something won’t work because they’ve tried a pill a doctor gave them once, we won’t consider as substantiated evidence. We’re talking about alternative medicine and a new outlook on the entire cause. This is something worth looking into, from our point of view.

The uniqueness of this discovery stems from the fact Tinnitus is formed in the brain as “an alarm” which goes off when the brain is not getting enough antioxidants to stop the free radicals from triggering a neurotoxic state in the central nervous system; this in turn, can lead to mood swings, memory loss (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), depression, etc.

Silencis Pro testimonials back up all their claims since solid research supports the fact that the product itself does seem to be focused on a 0 fillers policy, high-quality ingredients and a reliable and fast support system for their premium community members.


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