Top 10 Apps for College Textbooks on iPad for Your Reading Convenience


Technology has made big contributions to the society. It has elevated the status and way of living in numerous ways. It provides convenience, comfort and joy to the people harnessing the benefits brought by the continuing advancement of technology. The modern gadgets today such as smartphones and tablets makes organization and productivity better even on the go. For instance, tablets such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Kindle Fire and other brands have made it possible to bring productivity wherever and whenever you are. In the area of schooling, tablets such as iPad have made its way to the students and even to the teachers. These people prefer to use iPad to read books, write notes and be productive in general. In fact, more and more students are choosing to have iPad in order to get the books they need in school or just for hobby. These days, there are digital versions of books. Students prefer to read college textbooks on iPad due to various reasons – mainly convenience, it is lightweight, can store up to thousands of books, cheaper than the hard cover, can take notes and many more pros. In order to read the digital books, you have to install first e-book reading applications and most of these apps are free of for a small fee on the App store.

10. iSource MLA (as well as APA too)10.iSource MLA (as well as APA too)

The iSource MLA and iSource APA are apps that can make your work easy and hassle-free in terms of formatting your bibliographies. What you need to do is just enter the necessary source information such as the name of the author, the title of the book or article, its publisher and so on and this app will be the one to do the formatting in the MLA or APA style. This app cost $1.99 on the App store.

9. Mental Case9.Mental Case

The Mental Case app is recommended if you need a functional flash card application. You can create your own card as well as take advantage of the database from and utilize more than 21 million of flashcards to your work. This app retails for about $4.99 on the App store.

8. Evernote8.Evernote

The Evernote app permits Mac users to save important notes, audio, pictures or any combination of these three files so that users can use them for easy references. This app is an ideal note-taking program and this open source program is available in both Mac and Windows platform. You can have this app for free.

7. Hello-Hello Spanish7.Hello-Hello Spanish

This app is also good for other languages like French, German, Italian and Portuguese. This app is good for students in the discipline of foreign language. This app gives self-contained language ‘tutor’ or instruction covering 30 lessons. You do not have to use or be connected over the internet to make full use of this app. Hello-Hello Spanish retails on the App store for $9.99.

6. Art Authority6.Art Authority

The Art Authority is a program designed for art or history students. This app provides you artwork database that you can view. These databases are categorized by style period and artist. This is similar to art gallery, but only mobile and comprises of timelines as well as quick overviews that provide you the rich historical context regarding the creation of the said artworks. This app is available on the App store for $8.99.

5. Things5.Things

This app has some similarities to the iStudiez Pro app. This is working as your task management app. This app is slightly more versatile than the other one because it is not made to be used in a school setting; however, this app permits you in creating, assigning, organizing and scheduling different tasks. This app can work together with the Cultured Code’s Things program for Mac. This app is available for $9.99 on the App store.

4. iStudiez Pro4.iStudiez Pro

The iStudiez Pro is a great app working as your time management tool. This app allows you to do organization of your current class schedules that includes submission dates of assignments, exams, seminars and many more. You can set alerts so that you can remember what your current and next schedules are for the day in school. This app is available on the App store for $2.99.

3. iDisk3. iDisk

iDisk, together with MobileMe service is a great app in which you can store and save 20 GB data over the internet. This storage app permits the students to access and open this storage using his/her iPad anytime and anywhere he/she wants it. It is good to use this app for backing up your important files. If you lack memory for your iPad, you can iDisk to have more space. However, you can only view your sored files and cannot download. As of now, you have to email the files to yourself. iDisk is a free app that you can try, but if you bundle it with MobileMe app you have to pay $99 per year for the subscription.

2. Pages2.Pages

If you need an app for creating as well as editing documents, this is the tool to use. This is the Microsoft Word version or the word processing app in Mac (Although there is Microsoft Office for Mac). With this app, you can import and export your .DOCX files so that you can conveniently exchange these documents with your classmates, to the other students and your teachers using Mac. The cost of this app is $9.99 on the App store.

1. iBooks1.iBooks

The iBooks app is like the e-reader for Mac. This app will serve as the platform for you to read e-books in the Mac format. Using iBooks, you do not meet to buy and carry huge college textbooks, just buy the books in the App store and read it on your iPad. Since you can carry you iPad anywhere, you can read your books anywhere without having to carry it around. The iBooks app is free.


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    This is the Microsoft Word version or the word processing app in Mac
    (Although there is Microsoft Office for Mac). With this app, you can
    import and export your .DOCX files so that you can conveniently exchange
    these documents with your classmates, to the other students and your
    teachers using Mac.

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