Top 10 Best ACT Prep Book for 2013 including Comprehensive Study Guides

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The American College Testing or ACT is a set of standardized exams created for high school students assessing their educational achievement. This also serves as college admissions exams in the United States and is produced and created by the ACT, Inc. The ACT consists of four main exams, namely Reading, English, Mathematics and Science Reasoning, and the recent addition of an optional Writing exam. The ACT tests measure the general educational development of the high school students before attending college and assessing the student’s capability of completing college-level work. The tests are multiple choice types. For high school students who want to be admitted to college, taking ACT would be to their advantage. Fortunately, there are several ACT preparation books that can help students in reviewing. Below are some of the best ACT prep books today that you can try.

10. The One Hour ACT Guide: Quick Tips for ACT Success

10.The One Hour ACT Guide Quick Tips for ACT Success

The prep book entitled “The One Hour ACT Guide: Quick Tips for ACT Success” is written by Dr. Gary Gruber. He has been in the industry of producing testing and test preparation books for more than three decades. The famous Gruber Method is used in creating ACT pre-books. This guide book will provide high school students a means to review using a personal and systematic study plan that highlights the student’s strengths and weaknesses. In this book, students can also assess their chosen answers and the reasons why they picked those answers.

9. Kaplan ACT 2013 Premier

9.Kaplan ACT 2013 Premier

The Kaplan ACT 2013 Premier provides a fundamental guide for high school students desiring to attend college. This prep book was created by test preparation experts in Kaplan to give focused and more in depth practice runs in order for students to attain high scores in the ACT. The Kaplan ACT 2013 Premier comes in optical discs aside from the book, giving you more options to study. You can also access it online! There are six practice exams in this prep book with detailed explanations to the answers. This prep book also includes study tips and advice coming from the students who have taken the ACT and succeeded using the Kaplan method.

8. McGraw-Hill’s 10 ACT Practice Tests

8.McGraw-Hill’s 10 ACT Practice Tests

The McGraw-Hill’s 10 ACT Practice Tests provides high school students with helpful practice exams in order for them get high scores in the ACT. This prep book includes 10 exam samples from ACT and every question comes with an in-depth explanation of answers and can serve as small review as well. This prep book will also provides proven advice and tips as well as study plans and strategies that will work for student examinees.

7. Barron’s 6 ACT Practice Tests

7.Barron’s 6 ACT Practice Tests

The prep book entitled “Barron’s 6 ACT Practice Tests” provides comprehensive assistance and study guides for college-bound high school students in order for them to attain high scores in the ACT. The main focus of this training module is to learn through doing. This prep book provides students with six full prep exams in helping them in determining their strengths and improving on their weak areas of study. The prep and sample exams in this book are the same with the actual ACT when it comes to types of questions, difficulties, structure and length.

6. Grammar Workbook for the SAT, ACT, and More

6.Grammar Workbook for the SAT, ACT, and More

The “Grammar Workbook for the SAT, ACT, and More” prep book provides college bound high school students with proficiency tests in essential English grammar as well as exercises. This prep book provides the potential examinees with extensive reviews and brush-up lessons focusing mainly on the improvement of English fluency and verbal skills. This prep book provides students with a fruitful and effective methodology as they take the test. It gives special attention to the typical type of questions on the English Reading on ACT. This prep book is comprised of sample questions and tests with properly explained and detailed answers. There are also tips and strategies offered in this book.

5. Barron’s ACT Flash Cards

5.Barron’s ACT Flash Cards

The Barron’s ACT Flash Cards provides a new set of approach in preparing for the ACT test via flash cards. These flashcards are created and designed to provide college-bound high school students with the preparation they need. The cards cover all of the five ACT exam sections. Every card has a corner punch hole designed to accommodate the enclosed metal key ring style of the card holder. With this, the students can utilize the ring in order arrange the flash cards in the right sequences. The can help the student prepare according to what they deem more suitable to their needs in reviewing and studying.

4. Barron’s ACT 36

4.Barron’s ACT 36

The 36 score in ACT represents perfection when taking the test. For highs school students who are college bound, they can use the Barron’s ACT 36. This tool helps students with numerous and useful tips, strategies and advices in handling the most difficult questionnaires in ACT and to come up with the right answers. This book also comes with an optical disc in where the full length practice exams for ACT are included. Each question has detailed explanations as well.

3. 1,296 ACT Practice Questions

3.1,296 ACT Practice Questions

The “1,296 ACT Practice Questions” prep book will give you what you need to know to get a high score in the ACT. This prep book provides high school students who are college bound with resources and several opportunities to practice. This third edition book has six full-length prep and practice exams with detailed and informative explanations of the right answer to every practice question.

2. Princeton Review – Cracking the ACT 2013

2.Princeton Review – Cracking the ACT 2013

The Princeton Review – Cracking the ACT 2013 comes with a DVD and provides high school students with everything they need in mastering and acquiring a high score in the ACT exam. This prep book offers you four practice exams that are full in length together with detailed explanations to the answers and you can have them in book and online.

1. The Real ACT

1 The Real ACT

The Real ACT Prep Guide is one of the best ACT prep book today that comes with optical discs. This guide book provides insider tips, strategy, advices, practice and insight about the ACT exams. This book simulate that of the real-life ACT test in terms of structure, level of difficulties, type of questions and many more.


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