10 Top Athletic Training Colleges and Universities for those Into Health and Sports

For people interested in health and sports, one of the right career paths to take is athletic training. The athletic trainers’ job outlook is above average in comparison to other jobs in the country according to U.S. BLS. In fact, they projected job growth rate of about 37% in a 10-year span, from 2008 to 2018. It is important to be with the right educational institution and knowing the top athletic training colleges and universities to consider.

It is necessary to attain certification to practice athletic training degree. The main job of athletic trainers is to prevent and treat sport-related injuries. In fact, the American Medical Association (AMA) identifies the athletic trainers as one of the allied health professionals focusing on diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention injuries. There are instances that athletic trainers worked for licensed physicians as well as other healthcare providers. The educational requirements to start an athletic trainer are to complete a bachelor’s (BSc or BA) degree to any accredited college/university and the pass the NATA Board of Certification exam. It is the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) that gives accreditation to colleges/universities.

10. Baylor University10. Baylor University

The Baylor University is offering their athletic training degree under the Department of Health of the School of Education particularly to the Human Performance and Recreation. The degree is offered in undergraduate as Bachelor of Science and in graduate as Master of Science and Ph.D. Part of the curriculum in athletic training is to do volunteering work for about 12-20 hours a week at Baylor University’s Big 12 Division I student-athletes within or outside the campus sites. The university has complete laboratory facilities for the athletic training program.

9. Indiana University in Bloomington

9. Indiana University in Bloomington


The Indiana University in Bloomington has 100% passing rate on kinesiology having emphasis on athletic training last year. The IU in Bloomington has 15 sites for athletic training. If you attend the athletic training program here, you will be engaging in clinical rotations particularly in the second year. An in-depth practical experience in their preferred sport will be the face of the senior year.

8. Anderson University8. Anderson University

The Anderson University was the first private and for-profit university in the Indiana area to get accreditation from the CAATE. If you enrolled here taking the athletic training major, you can access the equipment for therapeutic and rehabilitation located at Gaither Sports Medicine Center. The university will prepare the students majoring in athletic training to pass the Board of Certification test

7. University of Connecticut

7. University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut offers undergraduate and advance studies in athletic training. In fact, the PhD program in UConn is the number 1 in the country last 2010. The athletic training program is under the Department of Kinesiology. Most of the students taking athletic training are pursuing advance graduate studies education like and master’s and Ph.D. programs. As a student, you will have the privilege to utilize the Athletic Training Learning Laboratory and with 6:1 ratio of student to teacher in every laboratory courses.

6. Lewis University6. Lewis University

The Lewis University is offering undergraduate degree in athletic training – it is the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Athletic Training. The university also offers minor in the athletic coaching. The students who graduated from the athletic training degree program are prepared to pass the Board of Certification test in order for them to be employed in a wide array of working environments such as country clubs, fitness centers and different sports medicine clinics. In the colleges/universities in the Midwestern are, the Lewis University was the top college/university according to the review made in The Princeton Review.

5. Alfred UniversityADM Logotype-tag

The Alfred University in Alfred, New York has undergraduate program majoring in athletic training and with a minor program in the exercise science. One of the benefits of the students while taking the degree is to participate in the sports – the 21 varsity teams of the university. Students who graduated from this athletic training program will be eligible to participate to the NATA (National Athletic Trainers’ Association) Board of Certification Examination.

4. Northeastern University4. Northeastern University

Students attending the athletic training degree program in Northeastern University will experience the integration of hands-on labs, innovative courses, co-op experiences and extensive clinical. The degree program will take five years to complete. The main focus of the athletic training program is the athletes and the individuals who are physically active. The university will trained the athletic training students about therapeutic exercise, emergency care, therapeutic modalities and the application of these classes and knowledge in an environment that is controlled of their academic time.

3. University of Texas3. University of Texas

Being a public higher learning institution, the University of Texas is offering to interested students the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Athletic Training that is offered under the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. One problem about this degree program is that it is very competitive because the department only accepts 15 students per academic year. The university has 100% passing rate (first time exam takers) in the 2008 – 2009 academic year for the Board of Certification exam that year. Clinical rotations on and off campus are part of the curriculum for athletic training students.

2. Ithaca College2. Ithaca College

As a private higher learning institution, the Ithaca College is consistent to be ranked as one of the top athletic training colleges in the country. As an undergraduate student, you start your academic life in this program under the helm of the professors in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science. Your sophomore year is marked by the admission to the definite athletic training degree program. The admission for the degree program is highly competitive and limited per academic year. You have to meet the minimum GPA (grade point average) and then submit an essay plus complete the necessary clinical rotations.

1. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor1. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is accredited by the CAATE to offer the Athletic Training Educational Program. Students who complete the said program will get BSc in Kinesiology. Just like the top colleges/universities offering athletic training programs in this top athletic training colleges, the admission is highly competitive and limited. Completing the BSc degree will make you eligible to partake in the NATA Board of Certification exam.

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