10 Top Beauty Schools Beauty Experts Recommend to Budding Cosmetologists

The industry of cosmetology is rapidly increasing in today’s economy and a program involving beauty and cosmetology is one of the most in demand professional degree programs in the nations. There are several individuals who are learning that the career opportunities in this field are pretty profitable. The challenge here is how to find the top beauty schools and what they offer that will satisfy the need of the students.

Having a career in beauty and cosmetology field can provide job or even financial freedom. Finding the right school is the first of the many steps in having successful career in this field. It is important to take the professional program in a school that can harness your skill, instill knowledge and train you to the professional world of cosmetology.

10. Milan Institute10. Milan Institute

The Milan Institute is offering cosmetology program to interested students. The program is grounded by the expertise and experience in the latest cosmetology procedures and methods/techniques. Part of the program is to provide students the necessary Salon Business Skills necessary to place the talents of students to good use. With the knowledge plus practical business savvy, you can take on the challenges in this industry.

9. La James International College9. La James International College

La James International College provides multiple opportunities for students in experiencing successful life outside the state and even the country. Part of the curriculum at LJCI is the yearly trips to San Francisco, New York and in Chicago plus an international trip in a city. You can optimize your career and potential through LJIC. Within a year, you can earn your cosmetology degree and necessary license that are typically completed in two years. LJIC has the latest professional equipment. In fact LJIC has their “kit” containing everything you will need in starting your own career in this industry.

8. Elite Academy of Beauty Arts8. Elite Academy of Beauty Arts

The Elite Academy of Beauty Arts or simply the Beauty School is designed to mimic an environment of real salon that will be a great ambience for educating and practical training for up and coming professional cosmeticians. The facilities in the Beauty School are divided into classes and laboratories and are equipped with the latest visual teaching aids and equipment that will help the students to be updated the latest trend fashion in the industry. The curriculum is designed to give excellent training for students within a safe environment and that will prepare students for a successful career in the field of cosmetology.

7. ARROJO Cosmetology School7. ARROJO Cosmetology School

The ARROJO Cosmetology School has instructors teaching students the necessary theories and techniques in passing the State Board exam. ARROJO applies the latest, creative, precision-based methods to the cosmetology curriculum in creating fashionable, wearable and beautiful hair. The instructors will instill creativity to its students, as this is an essential part of cosmetology. Part of the graduation in ARROJO, the students will have to create and then present it to the panel.

6. EI School of Professional Makeup6. EI School of Professional Makeup

EI School of Professional Makeup offers hands-on and comprehensive education in every area in professional makeup. The El was established in 1966 and this school was the first one offering professional makeup program in the entire world. EI is offering three programs of study and you can check them out by visiting their website. The school is located one block south of the popular Hollywood/Highland intersection as well as the Kodak Theatre.

5. Regency Beauty Institute5. Regency Beauty Institute

The Regency Beauty Institute has 30 schools in 9 states with a curriculum consistent in all locations. There are adjustments with the number of the class hours in order to meet the requirement of each state. The profession al programs offered are with the hair, skin and nails. The latest and excellent facilities, small ratio of student to instructor and experienced faculty are the advantages of enrolling to Regency.

4. Sassoon Academy4. Sassoon Academy

The Sassoon is an institution embodying the idea of smooth and fashion forward education at their cosmetology school. The Sassoon promises its students to receive the training that are developed and designed to be modern, relevant as well as forward thinking. The faculty will deliver the curriculum in a passion, committed and with technical excellence manner. The Sassoon Academy is an international school having academy across Canada, UK and Germany aside from US.

3. Paul Mitchell Schools3. Paul Mitchell Schools

The Paul Mitchell Schools have produced trained and professional hair designers thriving almost everywhere. The Paul Mitchell provides high-end outcome through their graduates. If you take your cosmetology program here, you will be exposed to the latest courses in fashion trends, designing, cutting, coloring, makeup, multicultural techniques and the art behind hairdressing that are included in their three phases of program. There are more than 40 beauty schools of Paul Mitchell in the country.

2. Empire Beauty School2. Empire Beauty School

The Empire Beauty School has been educating students in the field of cosmetology for more than 75 years. There are beauty schools in more than 20 states and choosing Empire Beauty School will be a great decision for your cosmetology education. Students who graduated from Empire have great careers in editorial and even celebrity works. Some have opened their salons and are working all over the world.

1. The Aveda Institute1. The Aveda Institute

The Aveda is one of top beauty schools in the country as well as one of greatly considered cosmetology schools today. The Aveda will provide students the education that is experienced and exciting covering various facets like hair cutting and coloring and the esthetician services. Aveda is also offering huge support through their financial assistance as well as flexible class schedules to meet your needs plus Aveda will also help you in terms of the job placement opportunities. Aveda schools are scattered across the country. The Aveda also offers continuing education in which you will be learn the yearly Aveda Business College, Aveda education classes as well as the Advanced Academies in the fashion cities all over the world like Berlin, London, New York, Toronto and Vancouver and most of all, the Aveda Master Jam.

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