140 Top 10 Schools Offering the Most Coveted Sports Medicine Degrees

Sports medicine is a field emphasizing preventive and treatment for athletic/sports-related injuries. The professionals engaging in this field can have a career as orthopedic physicians, nutritionists, physical and occupational therapists and mostly athletic trainers. Typically, in a college setting, the sports medicine can be offered in the undergraduate level as BS in Kinesiology. In the graduate level, sports medicine degrees can be part of the emerging Sport and Exercise Medicine in health care.

Diploma, Master of Science and certification in the graduate level are some of the degrees offered by colleges/universities offering the sports medicine programs. As students in sports medicine programs, you are expected to have hands-on experience in the playing field of sports and in helping athletes avoid injuries.

10. Keiser University10. Keiser University

The Keiser University is offering an Associate of Science in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology degree. This program places emphasis on helping students for entry-level health and fitness evaluation, prescription and even lifestyle modification as career opportunities. The degree program gives students the fundamental understanding of the risk factors in health, injury prevention, care and treatment, physiological adaptations to the right exercises and in addressing the components in relation to sports and exercise.

9. University of Miami9. University of Miami

The Sports Medicine in the University of Miami is a minor concentration designed to educate students about the integrated aspect of exercising and medical science having practical aspects to the human performance in sports. If you take your degree in sports medicine here, you will have the opportunity to attain necessary knowledge about nutrition, human movement, anatomy, sports-related injuries and many more related study materials. The program is also designed to prepare students who desire to take advanced study or degree in this field.

8. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs8. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

The sports medicine program is mainly offered as Master of Science in Sports Medicine (MSc. SM) in the University of Colorado at Colorado Spring with a track in Athletic Training. This program educates students using integrated coursework and practical experience to obtained skills and knowledge about Sports Medicine. As a student, you have the opportunity to attain the necessary requirements to become Certified Athletic Trainers. The program will also help the students in further development of their clinical skills and theoretical knowledge and the ability of critically assessing the sports medicine field and related research.

7. Central Michigan University7. Central Michigan University

The Central Michigan University is considered the first university in the nation to have and offer the sports medicine/athletic training major. The CMU educates their students with the help of classroom discussion coupled with hands-on experiences like internship and clinical experiences. Students will be prepared for career opportunity as certified athletic trainers (entry level). If you have completed the program, you will have the requirements to become eligible to apply and take the Board of Certification Incorporated (BOC) national certification exam for aspiring athletic trainers.

6. University of California – Davis6. University of California – Davis

The Sports Medicine program of the UC Davis provides access to complete care in helping the need of the students about learning health and sports. The program can enhance the knowledge and skills of the students when it comes to athletic performance in conjunction with physical fitness. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to be educated about prevention of acute and chronic injuries as well as means of extending the athletic careers.

5. University of Virginia5. University of Virginia

The Sports Medicine Program of the University of Virginia is a pre-professional program with four years of curriculum in which student can earn the B.S.Ed. in Physical Education. The program is offered under the Curry School of Education within the Kinesiology Program Area. There is also graduate program offered in the university in the field of sports medicine and can be completed in four years as well. The graduate program is more on researches with two years of formal coursework plus two more years to finish the dissertation.

4. University of Pittsburgh

4. University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh offers the sports medicine program under the Sports Medicine and Athletic Training that is part of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. This program is designed to prepare educate students for the fast and growing demand of the healthcare providers in meeting the needs of the population who are physically active. The Sports Medicine program is currently operating with three academic units plus a research laboratory. Clinical sports medicine or athletic training services are part of the program that is open on and off the campus. The program in undergraduate level is accredited by the CAATE. The graduate level offers Master of Science (MSc) in Sports Medicine and the Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science with concentration in Sports Medicine.

3. University of California – Los Angeles3. University of California – Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles offers their sports medicine program under the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. The UCLA Sports Medicine Center has high-end facility to cater the needs of athletes. The program is handled by the multi-disciplinary group of physicians who are collaborating in the development of preventive and treatment plan that is made specifically for every need of the patient.

2. Ohio State University2. Ohio State University

The Ohio State University or the OSU offers Sports Medicine to students who desire to become sports medicine professionals in the future. Being a medical student, as well as for residents and for fellows, everyone will learn through the staff physicians in a classroom setting as well as in clinical setting. OSU has the Physical Therapy Residency Program that is designed to provide physical therapists the chance in working under supervision of board certified clinical specialists in the field of sports medicine.

1. University of Southern California in Los Angeles1. University of Southern California in Los Angeles

The University of Southern California (or simply the USC) is one of the best universities in the nation offering graduate physical and occupational therapy program. The USC offers MSc and PhD degrees in those fields as well as residency program for sports physical therapy. The Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy is offering MSc and PhD in Biokinesiology. For the undergraduate level, the USC offers BS in in Kinesiology among its sports medicine degrees.

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