Education, Career Outlook and Salary Of An Aesthetician



You don’t have to look and feel ugly these days. This is because of the many ways you can enhance yourself through the many beauty treatments available today. Thanks to the well trained aestheticians at salons, spas and medical facilities, you can improve your skin tone and quality, remove unwanted hair or get a total makeover through their services.

You can also find aestheticians at dermatology and plastic surgery clinics. They serve as skin care specialists for their patients who have been scarred or deformed because of accidents or injuries.


Aestheticians Job Description

Aestheticians can also be called cosmetologists. Their main tasks are to provide skin care, cleansing procedures and cosmetic treatments. They are also skilled in applying makeup to hide their client’s skin issues. So whether you have mature skin, acne, dry, oily or super sensitive skin, an aesthetician can administer the proper treatment for your skin to look its best.

Because everyone wants to look younger, services like facials, hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, non-surgical facelifts, diamond peels and so other beauty treatments are in demand. For this reason, many are encouraged to pursue a career as an aesthetician.


Any high school graduate or with a GED equivalent can pursue a career as an aesthetician. Apply for any aesthetician training program offered at any community college, a cosmetology school or technical school. Just be sure it is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

Most schools would require you to fill up and submit an application for admission. You will also be asked to take an entrance exam and pay a registration fee. They also require that you submit a photo identification and to complete an interview with the admission officer. The course takes six to twelve months to complete.

The program tackles subjects in aesthetician theory, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, skin analysis, facial treatments, sanitation, hair removal, color theory and safety. Subjects in management and bookkeeping are also part of the curriculum. Hands-on training is also beneficial in the completion of this course. When all requirements are met, you will acquire an esthetician certificate.


State License

The next step after getting your aesthetician certificate is to apply for a state license.  To do so, you need to pass a written exam, a practical exam and complete three hundred hours of supervised experience. State licensing department requirements may differ so it is best to contact them for further instructions on how to apply for a state license.

Most aesthetician schools offer job placement services to help students find work right after they graduate. Newly licensed aestheticians can also find work from the National Cosmetology Association’s website.

Career Outlook

The growing demand for skin treatments for cosmetic and medical purposes has made being an aesthetician a very promising career. The growing number of salons, spas and cosmetic medical facilities offer more job openings for licensed aestheticians.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a 25% growth in demand for aestheticians from 2010 to 2020.


According to the BLS, the annual salary of a licensed aesthetician is $31,720 up to $42,680. The salary depends on their geographical location. According to the National Salary Trend of as of November 2013, a medical aesthetician earns $31,000 a year; a Cosmetic aesthetician earns $44,000 a year and an aesthetic sales telemarketer earns $27,000 a year.

The top-paying employers are from out-patient care centers. Aestheticians can also be self employed and can earn more than those who work at clinics and facilities. The state with the most number of aestheticians is the state of California.

A career as an aesthetician is very promising, and can be very rewarding for people who have the talent and the skill in skin care. Due to the worsening of pollution, the harsh rays of the sun and the unending stress, the skin of people today age faster. Because of this more and more people are in need of skin care and treatment.

Pursue a career as an aesthetician now and look forward to a bright, beautiful and successful career in the skin care industry.

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