Ask A Professor: 10 Things A Student Usually Needs

ask a professor

ask a professor

What help do you usually ask a professor for?

The role of a professor does not end at the sound of the dismissal bell. Students constantly approach their professors for other things they need help with –- other than studies and future career advice. Here are the 10 things students usually ask from their professors.

1. Help with Research

Although research can be easily done through the internet, you can never be too sure about the information you get online. For this reason, students ask a professor to help them with their research by asking valuable input of certain topics. Most professors welcome and entertain questions for the purpose of research. It is actually a joy for teachers to meet students who go beyond online research and take the initiative to ask questions about their subjects.

2. Extension for Submission of Work

Another thing that students usually ask a professor for is an extension in the submission of their projects or homework. Teachers do give consideration to students with valid reasons for being late with their work.  But of course, if the reasons are not valid – don’t expect a time extension.

3. Extra Credit

Students who are aiming for scholarships usually ask for more work from the teacher to earn extra credit. Teachers can give extra credit to students who are willing to put in a little extra effort for the sake of good grades.

4. Advice

ask a professor

Teachers are said to be our second parents. Many students approach some of their respected professors to seek advice on things that they cannot talk to their classmates or parents about. In some way, teachers become a counselor to students who seek their help in this manner.

5. Tutoring

Students who are not doing so well in school also approach and ask for help from professors who offer tutoring services. For a minimal fee (or even sometimes free), a professor spends an hour or more with a student to help him with certain subjects.

6. Interview

Some projects require an interview from someone who is knowledgeable about a certain topic. Many students ask a professor to be their interviewee to add credibility to their video projects.

7. Judging

During school competitions, students usually ask a professor to be an impartial judge. This way, they are assured that the decision won’t be biased, unlike if they do the judging among themselves.

8. Mentorship


ask a professor

Graduating students who need to go through hands-on-training in their chosen field will need a mentor to guide them through the process. In some cases, students get to choose their mentors. They will have to ask a professor to be their mentor all throughout their on-the-job training.

9. Recommendation Letter

After graduating from high school, most students would want to pursue a higher degree in a college or a university. A recommendation letter from a recent professor is a good way to get in to the school of your choice. Because of this, many students request for a good recommendation letter from one of their respected professors.

10. Character Reference

Graduates who are about to go job seeking needs a credible character reference. This is the person whom the company will call up to ask about your work ethics and capabilities. This has to be someone who knows you quite well. Most students choose one of their professors as their character reference because he or she can easily describe them and their capabilities.

Part of the learning process is to be able to ask questions and to be able to find answers to these questions. Professors play a vital role in the lives of their students because they hold some important answers to the many questions that the students ask them.

Whether it be as small as a simple advice or as important as a college recommendation letter, the way a professor responds to a student’s request can greatly affect his or her future. This is the reason why most professors should be flexible and patient, professional and compassionate in helping their students.

 Your Turn

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