10 Best LSAT Prep Books You Must Have

best lsat prep books

best lsat prep books

If you’re hell bent on entering law school, then you better buy the 10 best LSAT prep books now. These preparatory books have helped countless lawyers take that first step in fulfilling their dreams—acceptance to law school. Passing the Law School Admission test becomes more realistic once you read these books.

10 Best LSAT Prep Books You Must Have:

# 10: LSAT For Dummies

This book in the “Dummies” series tackles the intricacies of taking the Law School Admission Test. LSAT for Dummies is a good entry point to anyone who is new to law. It paints a thorough picture of how a lawyer thinks and acts—from analytical and logical reasoning, to comprehending problems. The LSAT for Dummies book also gives its readers a background on what goes on during LSAT exams. It features techniques and tactics for acing the test. And it has sample problems and full-length exams taken from previous LSATs.

Price: $16.88 at Amazon.com

# 9: The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions by Anna Ivey

Anna Ivey is a known authority in the LSAT. Not only is she an LSAT passer and a lawyer, Ivey is also the dean of admissions of a prestigious law school—the University of Chicago. As the one in charge of accepting students in law school, Ivey covers every step of the LSAT process in her book. So expect to read about topics such as how to ace the interview along with the sample problems and full-length exams.

Price: $18.95 on Amazon.com

#8: McGraw-Hill’s LSAT, 2014 Edition by Russ Falconer and Drew Johnson

This book outdid the competition by featuring five full-length sample exams, 2 of which can be taken online. And since this book is an updated version of the McGraw-Hill LSAT prep book, it now features a planning app which readers can download for free. The freebies don’t end there: this book also has online companion videos to augment learning, online study plans and online practice tests.

Price: $21.00 on Amazon.com

#7: Cracking the LSAT, 2013 Edition by Princeton Review

Princeton Review was founded back in 1981 and has since helped a lot of lawyers by providing them with the preparatory means to pass the LSAT. In Cracking the LSAT, readers are given tips on how to successfully hurdle the exams. It outlines possible test strategies and enables readers to practice their comprehension and reasoning skills. Like the McGraw-Hill book, Cracking the LSAT also includes online content if you register the book on its website.

Price: $69.00 on Amazon.com

best lsat prep books

#6, 5 and 4: Kaplan Test Prep Books

Taking the 6th, 5th and 4th spots (in no particular order) are the Kaplan prep books: Kaplan LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategies and Tactics, Kaplan LSAT Logical Reasoning Strategies and Tactics, and Kaplan LSAT Logic Games Strategies and Tactics. These books came from the oldest and most well-known LSAT prep book publisher. All volumes of Kaplan are authored by LSAT instructors who did well in the exam.

The three books offer readers not just tips on how to do well in the exams, but strategies on how to arrive at the correct answer. The authors made it a point to explain in explicit detail how an LSAT taker should approach each logic problem. They are so confident in their approach that they offer their readers their money back if their books do not, in any way, increase their LSAT score.

Price: $150.00 (for the 3 volume set) on Amazon.com

#3, 2 and 1:Powerscore LSAT Prep Books

Again in no particular order, taking 3rd, 2nd and 1st place are the Powerscore books: The Powerscore LSAT Logic Games Bible, The Powerscore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible, and the Powerscore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible. These books are written by a veteran LSAT prep instructor who did very well with his own LSAT exam, Mr. David Killoran.

Each Powerscore book gives readers a quick but thorough overview of each LSAT test. Like the Kaplan books, Powerscore is also very detailed in discussing how an LSAT taker should approach a logic or comprehension problem. What sets these books apart is that they’re written in a light and humorous manner.

Price: $320.00 (for the 3 volume set) on Amazon.com

Get these best LSAT prep books now. You’ll need more than 1 book if want to do well in your LSAT exam. You can buy the Kaplan or the Powerscore volumes because they offer the most comprehensive guide to acing the LSAT. Their prices may be expensive, but it’s worth the investment once you get accepted to law school.

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