Broward College Review

If you’re living in Florida or in a neighboring state, you may want to consider going to Broward College. It is a community college that offers affordable and high-quality education for all. If you haven’t heard about this school or unsure if this is the right one for you, then read on. This is a comprehensive Broward College review.

broward college review


Broward College, formerly known as Broward Community College (BCC), is a public, state college located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The school was established in 1959 with a mission of providing high quality, yet affordable education for students. Previously, the school only offered two-year associate degrees. But in 2008 when the bill changing the name of the college was signed, it started offering 4-year bachelor’s degrees and alternate certification programs.

The current president of the Broward College is J. David Armstrong Jr.

Institution Size

The institution was founded in 1959 under the leadership of President Joe B. Rushing. It only started as a small school with 701 students, 28 professors, and small staff. But with great commitment to fulfilling their mission, the institution thrived and is recently considered as one of the top 10%  of community colleges in the US.

From a small number of staff and students, Broward College is now serving more than 60,000 students yearly, and employing more than 2,000 professors and staff.

broward college review

Academic Offers

Broward College grants several education programs, including associate degrees, certification programs, and bachelor’s degrees. It uses a semester-based calendar system and offers more than a hundred careers and technical programs to its students. Whether you’re planning to pursue a nursing or business degree, you can easily achieve your education goal in Broward College. [See full list here]

In addition, Broward College also offers online courses for people who prefer studying at home. This is great if you’re much more convenient in home study. Or you only have limited time to go to school because you are working. Online studies are quite convenient – no parking hassles, no on-campus requirements, and definitely no more gas spending.

Tuition and Cost

Average tuition fees and costs in Broward College are extremely low compared to other colleges located in the US. The following table is the average credit per hour in different education programs offered by the institution:




Advanced and Professional, Postsecondary Vocational, Education Prep Institute
College Preparatory Courses





Vocational Certificate Programs – PSAV





Baccalaureate Courses






Additional fees are charged for other courses, such as those with laboratory classes and trainings.

* For complete breakdown of fees, visit the following link.

Financial Aid

In Broward College, you no longer need to worry about the high cost of education because the school offers a variety of financial assistance for students in need. Some of the financial aid options available in Broward College are the following:

  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Work Study
  • Student-Parent Loans

All these financial aid options can be awarded to students based on their eligibility.  To apply and determine your eligibility, and to help you get your chances to attend into this high-quality institution, visit this page.

Additional Information

Many students in and outside of Florida consider attending classes in Broward College. Aside from the affordable tuition cost, the college provides high-quality teaching than other institutions. In fact, some of the students who graduated from this college provided a Broward College review and noted that this institution has an outstanding education program. With the small class sizes, professors and students are able to collaborate effectively with each other.

Broward College has also received numerous awards and recognition from different award-giving bodies. Broward College was awarded by Community College Week as the 5thin the country among four-year institutions in awarding associate degrees. Also, the college is ranked 3rdin the country for producing associate degree minority graduates, 4thin African-American, and 6thin Hispanic degree holders.

Would you consider Broward College?

With this Broward College review, you’re now able to determine whether this college is the right one for you. 

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