Career Colleges Of America: Offering Different Medical Training Programs

career colleges of america

career colleges of america

Career Colleges of America started in 1988 as a school that provides basic training in different jobs. It has since expanded to different courses and vocational training programs when it was bought in 1991 by a private company. It has campuses in three locations, namely: South Gate, San Bernardino and Los Angeles.

The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) gave full accreditation to Career Colleges of America back in Dec 1999. This school was also approved for operation by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). The certification of Career Colleges of America from the BPPE only means that the school met the acceptable standards set the Bureau for educational quality, integrity and financial stability.

Career Colleges of America is well known for the medical programs that they offer. Let’s discuss some of these programs below:

Holistic Massage Therapy

This course teaches students the required training to get employment in the massage business as a Certified Massage Therapist. The graduates of this course help in promoting recovery and healing of patients by giving treatments that will ease pain, rectify postural and muscular imbalance, aide in recovery from injuries and help in improving athletic performance.

A holistic massage therapist works on treating the patient in every area like body, mind, spirit and emotions. They work with patients to know the cause of the physical problem that they are having and bring about harmony and balance to the client as a whole.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography course at Career Colleges of America will train students to perform ultrasound procedures. Sonography is the diagnostic medical ultrasound operation that utilizes high frequency sound waves to show visual images of tissues, organs and blood flow inside the body.

Sonography is used to check different part of the body like the breasts, prostate, heart, abdomen, reproductive system and blood vessels. This treatment is helpful in detecting early signs of heart attack, vascular diseases and heart disease.

Surgical Technology

The Surgical Technology course at Career Colleges of America trains graduates to perform tasks needed for surgical procedures. The program is created to teach students through all the aspects of surgical technology, which includes sterilization of instruments, preparation of the patient and operating room and maintenance of equipment in the operating room.

career colleges of america

Medical Assistant

This program readies students for an entry level job in the medical profession as a front or back office assistant. Graduates of this course will be able to do an EKG, do venipuncture, prepare strips for evaluation, collect patient data and specimens, perform first aid, CPE and check vital signs.

Medical assistants also perform routine admin and clinical tasks to keep the clinics and offices running efficiently.

Medical Biller

This program trains students with the basic skills and knowledge to become a medical biller doing front office work in hospitals, clinics, insurance companies and medical groups. They usually handle billing forms, check the guidelines for eligibility with Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, Blue Shield and Workers’ Compensation.

Medical Billers also take care of assigning codes for each procedure and diagnosis by using books for HCPCS and CPT. They are also the one responsible for processing claims for private and government medical insurance.

Pharmacy Technician

This course at the Career Colleges of America provides students with the knowledge that will help them work as a Pharmacy technician in hospitals or retail facilities. They help in identifying and understanding drug terminology, abbreviations used in pharmacy, dosage format, and do conversions of weights and measures of drug dosage.

Phlebotomy Technician

Career Colleges of America train future Phlebotomy Technicians in obtaining blood samples by micro-collection methods and venipuncture. Phlebotomy technicians usually work in the laboratory and are trained in all facets of specimen collecting and processing.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

This program from Career Colleges of America trains the undergraduate to become an entry level alcohol and drug counselor. Graduates of this course help patients in dealing with their alcohol or drug problems. They gave counseling to help patients identify the causes, issues, and behaviors related to the addiction. Counselors are equipped in developing a customized recovery program that will help the patient in establishing healthy habits and providing coping strategies with regards to the addiction.

So now you know the variety of medical programs offered at Career Colleges of America. It’s now up to you to choose which career to take.

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