Want To Be Cool? Try These 5 Unique College Party Themes

College Party Themes

Although the main point of entering college is to broaden your knowledge and prepare yourself for your future career, it doesn’t mean burying yourself in your dorm room reading thick books and solving math problems. Aside from preparing for your future, college is a time in your life where great memories are made to cherish for a lifetime.

College parties are so much fun! However, if you’re getting bored with those parties being thrown out by your friends, check out these cool and unique college party themes and make your college experience a truly memorable one.

1. Decade-Themed Party

College Party Themes

If you’re tired of wearing weird masks commonly seen at masquerade balls, or putting on your funny pajamas for those usual overnight celebrations, why not try something different, like giving everyone a chance to travel back in time and dress up in cool and outdated outfits?  It would be lots of fun wearing disco costumes from the 70’s, or those vintage outfits in the 80’s. Just decide how far back in time you want to travel exactly, so that your guests will be able to come up with the proper costume.

2. Underwater Party

College Party Themes

There are beautiful treasures hidden under the sea. Wouldn’t it be fun to experience and see for yourself what is it like living under the sea?. Turning your party venue into a deep-sea world will create a memory that you will never forget. You can bring those mystical and wonderful deep-sea treasures to your party venue and enjoy the one-of-a-kind celebration. To add more appeal, you can even scatter some beach sand in the area or put a submarine somewhere.

3. Outer Space Party

College Party Themes

If you’re looking for truly unique college party themes, you can also try an outer space-themed celebration. For decorations, you might want to include space stuff, such as rockets, stars, flying saucers, planets, and glow-in-the-dark lights. For costumes, you can encourage everyone to wear their favorite space outfit or imitate their favorite space creatures, like an alien or an astronaut. Going to an outer space-themed party is really a great thing to consider if you’re really looking for something unusual. If the party goes well, it will surely become one memorable night for everyone.

4. Famous People from History-Themed Party

College Party Themes

Another cool theme that you might want to throw out for your college night out is the theme of famous people from history. Some of you might want to be the next Albert Einstein, or perhaps, the next Alexandre Dumas, or probably the next Abraham Lincoln. This is your chance to be the person you want to become (or at least feel it even just for a few hours)! Just imagine how fun it would be to have a chance to talk to Newton, or be with Graham bell, or walk with Armstrong while drinking your favorite beer.

5. Future-Based Party

College Party Themes

A future-based party is another great theme to consider for a unique college celebration. Everyone definitely wants great things to happen in the future. So gather everybody and brainstorm about cool, futuristic things and turn them into reality. You can imagine anything you want, even the most impossible and weirdest inventions you can think of, and include them on the party venue.  Who knows, one of you might be able to discover something that will change the future of the planet.

Your Choice

There you have it! These party college themes are only some of the unique and cool themes you can try to make your college experience a great one. There are sure a lot of ideas out there to choose from. In fact, you can even combine two or more college party themes together to make your celebration much more fun and exciting!

When it comes to throwing a party, you can never go wrong – feel free to add your own twist to make it more exciting. Don’t let yourself get bored with those common college celebrations when you have great ideas in mind! So what are you waiting for? Get off your bed and make thousands of memories to cherish.

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