Top 10 Fun And Inexpensive College Party Themes For The Holidays

college party themes

college party themes

College parties during the holidays can be wild and so much fun. What makes them more fun are the different gimmicks and themes that make these events memorable for everyone. However because of the many expenses that come along with the holiday season, college party themes should be also be inexpensive. Here are some inexpensive college party themes for the coming holiday season:

1. Red and Green Party

Because the Christmas colors are red and green, some colleges hold a red and green party where everyone should dress up only in those colors. This is a very practical idea because guests do not have to buy new costumes or clothes. All they need to do is find anything in those colors from their wardrobe.

2. Children’s Party

One unique and fun college party theme is a children’s party theme wherein everyone will come wearing children’s costumes. Most college students get a kick wearing short skirts, shorts, character shirts, school uniforms, kiddie jumpers and other kiddie looking outfits. Wear the right kiddie accessories like suspenders, bow tie, huge ribbons, colored knee socks and stick a lollipop to your mouth, then you’re all set to play.

3. Mad Hatter Party

A mad hatter party theme is a great and inexpensive idea for a party at any time of the year. You can wear anything you want, put on a wacky hat and you’re in!  The wackier the hat, the better. It is a great way to show off your creativity and your personality as well.

4. ABC Party

Many colleges have adapted this ABC Theme for their college parties. The theme suggests that guests come in Anything-But-Clothes (ABC).  You can come to the party wearing a garbage bag, gift wrapper, tin foil or anything that you can think of. As long as it is not regular clothing then you are on the right track. It’s fun to see the cool and innovative ideas college students can come up with for a costume.

5. Candy Land

Another fun and inexpensive college party theme for the holidays is Candyland! The idea is to dress up looking like a candy of your choice. Through this theme, the students can get creative with some DIY (do-it-yourself) costumes.

6. Masquerade

college party themes

Just like the mad hatter party theme, a masquerade Christmas ball is also a favorite college party theme. The students get to wear any outfit they already have and compliment it with a beautiful mask.  Masks are not very expensive and they can even choose to make their own for the party.

7. Tight and Bright

One famous college party theme is tight and bright. The idea is basically to wear tight clothing like spandex or anything stretchable and body hugging. Of course it should be in bright colors as well.  You could just imagine the colorful fun on the dance floor.

8. Ugly Sweater

Everyone is sure to own one or two ugly sweaters (which they probably got as a Christmas gift), why not wear it to the party?  Use these ugly sweaters as your college party themes. The uglier it is, the better. You can even give out a prize for the ugliest one.

9. No Pants

Another naughty and fun concept for a college Christmas party is the no-pants college party theme.  Well, students don’t really need to come in their underwear or swimwear to fit it. Then can wear shorts, skirts or anything that isn’t pants, right? 

10. Faux Snow party

Some colleges in countries that do not experience snow often or at all, they hold college parties that have faux snow as a theme. They usually decorate the place in white or fake snowflakes. To make it more fun, they even rent a snow maker to produce snow on the dance floor. Students also spray each other with faux snow as they party.

college party themes

College parties need not be too expensive. What is important is spending time with your friends while enjoying the holiday fun. With the college party theme suggestions for the coming holidays, you will certainly have a blast without boring a hole in your wallet. Do you have any inexpensive college party theme ideas you want to share with us?                                                                    


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