Top 6 College Recommendation Letter Templates

college recommendation letter

Writing a recommendation letter does not have to be difficult. We have 6 recommendation letter templates that you can use as a guide.

It is a big responsibility to write a recommendation letter for someone. It can make or break the person’s chances of getting into the College of his or her choice. That is why there is no room for mistakes. Your letter should speak highly and truthfully of the person. It should be written in a clear, concise and formal manner that will convince the reader that the person being recommended is worth a slot at their school.

1. From a Professor

This sample is from an AP English Professor Mr. William Dot who recommended his student Cheri Jackson for a business program. This formal letter is a good example of how you can emphasize a student’s leadership qualities and potential. It is also common to mention academic awards, credentials, work ethics, organizational skills and other impressive qualities that the person may have. You have to justify why the person deserves to be admitted in the course he or she is applying for.

college recommendation letter

2. From a Former Employer

A former employer can also write a recommendation letter for an aspiring college student. This college recommendation letter template is from ABC Production’s Marketing Manager, Sharon Feeney for their former employee, Cathy Douglas. This letter focuses on the student’s work ethics and how she deals with every work situation.

A recommendation letter from a previous employer is a credible because she can talk about the employee’s responsible attitude towards work, her problem solving skills and the way she deals with other people.

college recommendation letter

3. From Former High School Teacher

Another college recommendation template is from a former high school teacher. Submitting a letter from a high school teacher is one of the requirements needed in any college application process. This letter is from Dan Peel, PhD, recommending his former High School student Kaya Stone. He speaks of her academic achievements and also commends her mature personality and leadership qualities as well.  This letter is written in the standard form for college recommendation letters.

college recommendation letter

4. From the High School Principal

Another credible college recommendation letter is from the High School principal of the school you graduated from. This sample is from Ms. Esti Rurralde recommending a student named Carrie Youstis for an undergraduate program. This letter is unique because instead of focusing on the academic achievements or skills of the student, a true to life story is told showing the student’s personality and strength which can be the basis of the admissions committee’s decision.

college recommendation letter

5. From a Current Employer

Working students can also ask for a college recommendation letter from their current employer. This formal recommendation for Jane Glass is written by her boss, the Senior Coordinator of Heartland Commerce, Ms. Debra Max. This letter speaks of the student’s drive to succeed and the enthusiasm to do excellent work. This kind of praise from a current employer can make a big impact on the deciding committee for admissions.

college recommendation letter

6. From the Academic Dean

A very powerful college recommendation letter would be from an academic dean of the college. This is an unconventional recommendation letter for a student named Ezra from Mr. Gary Youstis. This was used as a recommendation letter for a Harvard business program. The letter focused more on the work experience and talents of the student rather than the academic achievements, special skills or leadership qualities that he may have.

college recommendation letter

A college recommendation letter should contain credible information about the person you are recommending. In your letter, do not forget to state your credentials, how you met the person and what you personally think about the person you are recommending. Focus on the positive qualities of the person, but be sure not to stretch the truth.

If you have never written a college recommendation letter before, you should consider using our  letter template as your guide. Always remember that this is not just an any ordinary letter — someone’s future education depends on it. 

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