A Comprehensive Guide To Community College Of Baltimore County

community college of baltimore county

community college of baltimore county

With employers increasingly demanding a better trained and educated workforce, community colleges have been emerging as ‘the choice’ of millions of students throughout the country. The pressures of a busy job schedule and the pursuit of a good educational degree don’t exactly make a good combination for most. However Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) can help you maintain this balance within your budget. Let’s know how.

Introducing CCBC

CCBC is a community college situated in Baltimore County, Maryland. The college is the choice of 72,000 students, with an overwhelming student population attending from communities inside or around Baltimore. The college offers a wide range of choices of courses with more than 100 associate degrees and certificate program to choose from.

Location of campuses

CCBC operates 3 primary campuses and 3 satellite campuses within the county of Baltimore. The locations of the 3 primary campuses are:

  1. Catonsville
  2. Dundalk
  3. Essex

Its 3 satellite campuses are located in

  1. Hunt Valley
  2. Randallstown
  3. Owing Mills

The campuses are located in places with easy access to highways and roads. Thus, students willing to study at CCBC can choose to do so at a campus that’s most accessible to them.

Wide range of programs

The college offers some of the widest range of choices of educational programs for its students. There are more than a hundred credit degrees and certificate programs to choose from. Students can certainly choose the course that best suits their preferences with specialized courses in science, humanities, management and education. For continuing education options there are even more choices for students. Finding the link to the range of courses on their website was a bit time-consuming for the Collegerag team, but once we found it we were impressed by the choices offered. Go to this link http://www.ccbcmd.edu/academics/program_alpha.html .

Cut your costs

Compared to the fees of universities and colleges in the Baltimore County, the fees at CCBC will cost students considerably low. Whether your priority is to save money on full time courses or on transfer costs per credit hour, enrolling at CCBC will save you at least 50% fees. Such enormous savings opportunities are for students studying in both part-time and full-time courses.

community college of baltimore county

Transfer your credit hours with ease

CCBC’s agreements with many schools and universities in Maryland imply that students can easily transfer credits to other colleges and universities. Students can plan their transfer credit from CCBC to other colleges within Maryland by a system called ARTSYS that stands for Articulation System for Maryland Colleges and Universities. Besides these, CCBC also assists students in applying for transfer scholarships.

Excellent focus on extracurricular activities

Most community colleges cut the budget on extracurricular activities citing low fees. However, CCBC is an exception. As an experienced and dedicated institution, the college runs a wide range of quality extracurricular activities on its campuses. The 3 campuses of the college boast 20 intercollegiate athletics teams, which compete even at national level. Some alumni members of CCBC have even managed to become famous national athletes. The college also has dedicated its focus on performing arts, dance and music, through which students can expect to get a good platform to display and enhance their special talents. The college also supports fitness and wellness programs within its premises.

Career planning

Thousands of students choose to study at CCBC to gain the necessary skills and knowledge that would help them build their future careers. The college acknowledges this fact and thus, supports a dedicated career service. Keeping in mind the demands of the market the college offers a lot of career oriented courses. Besides this, the college also conducts workshops and presentations to let students know about the situation of the job market on a regular basis. The college also hosts dedicated programs to train students about business in nearly 14 different fields.

There are very few community colleges that seriously focus on the needs of the students. Most of them cite low fees as the ‘legitimate’ justification of their weak support. But CCBC is an exception. In spite of its lower fees, it has managed to give quality education and support facilities to its students. This is the very reason why CCBC has only been growing in size and number of students. Thus you won’t be making a mistake while choosing the Community College of Baltimore County.

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