Computer Engineering Salary: Great Potential Income Within Your Hands

computer engineering salary

computer engineering salary

Tech companies keep growing in the Silicon Valley area. As a result of this growth, there is a shortage of computer engineers in the area. The demand for talented engineers caused salaries to shoot up that it is normal to come across computer engineering salary going above $100,000 in this Bay Area. As a matter of fact, once you add the stock options and bonuses earned, a computer engineering salary can go up to six figures every year.

Big tech companies even offer signing bonuses for computer engineers that are fresh out of school to attract new talents. Newbie graduates can easily get a salary of $60,000 in their first job in any of these tech companies in Silicon Valley. Here are a few things you might want to know about computer engineering salary and what you can do if you want to earn an income that will allow you to live comfortably.

Educational Requirements

Computer engineers work on different aspects of computer engineering like hardware, software, applications or system development. They make sure that they meet the needs of the user by making sure the computer system, hardware and software are usable, logical and dependable.

Companies generally hire a computer engineer that holds a bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science, information technology systems, computer engineering, electrical engineering or any related computer courses. Most companies also prefer engineers who are experienced in computer programming and have diverse knowledge of different programming languages.


A hands-on training is also needed to get a grasp of real life job scenarios as a computer engineer. Undergraduates of computer engineering can train in internship programs of the university and this would be a good place to start.

Newly hired computer engineers work under the guidance of experienced engineers so they can learn the technical application and skills required on the job.

Training for computer engineers can be done on the campus or online. Training in the campus has the benefit of access to university resources like research laboratories. While online training gives students the flexibility to work on the required research and training on their preferred schedule.

computer engineering salary

Computer Engineering Course Programs

A computer engineering course has several curriculum ranging from science and math fundamentals to technical courses. Math and science syllabus typically covers subjects like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, electromagnetism, optics, thermodynamics, etc.

Most computer engineering courses focus on networking, circuitry, and electronic applications.

Examples of courses in computer engineering:

  • Computer architecture
  • Wireless Networking
  • Operating systems
  • Semiconductors
  • Software Research
  • Computer systems
  • Microcomputers and microprocessors
  • C++ programming
  • Digital signal processing

Skills Requirement

If you want to have a computer engineering salary that goes up 5 to 6 figures, you also have to develop some skills to become an expert on this job. Here are some of the skills you have to sharpen up:

  • Analytic thinking skills

Computer engineers are good at solving technical difficulties. They enjoy math and loves solving puzzles and riddles. They love working with things that involves logic and numbers.

  • Creative thinking skills

Computer engineers have the ability to think out of the box and come up with creative ways to build something or resolve a problem. They come up with all sorts of unusual ideas that may not make sense at first, but can be helpful in a particular situation. Having a curious mind is also something that must be innate to an aspiring computer engineer as this characteristic can help you become creative.

  • Passion for technology

Those who greatly exceed in this career are very passionate about technology. They are always excited and upbeat about new inventions and innovations. They are always up to date with the latest gadgets and technological trends and use them to stay on top of their game in computer engineering.

Computer Engineering Salary by Careers

  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Lead software engineer
  • Research and development manager
  • Software architect
  • Testing engineer

Here is a list of top companies that pay an average computer engineering salary above $100,000. You may want to aspire to work for these companies:

  • Facebook – $107,000
  • Google – $112,000
  • LinkedIn – $113,000
  • Akamai – $110,000
  • Riverbed Technology – $106,000

With this information about computer engineering salary and how you can start, the question now is: Are you ready to work hard and pursue a lucrative career as a computer engineer?

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