Daley College: Quality Education Towards A Promising Career

Daley College

Daley College

If you wish to pursue your college education in or around Chicago, then Richard J. Daley College should certainly be among your top choices. Do you want to get a good academic experience? Or do you want to hone your skills and get ready to join the workforce and earn? Whatever your expectations are, Richard J. Daley College is the best place to start your career planning. Famously known as Daley, here are some facts that make the college different from the rest.

Large Variety of Courses

Daley College has quality courses in most of the popular subjects like business administration and physics. For those who want to attend specialized courses, the school offers pastry and culinary cooking, arts, music performance, and a lot more.

Part of a Reputed Chain of Colleges

Daley College is run by the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) group. CCC handles 13 community colleges and satellite facilities under its administration. There are more than 120,000 students studying at CCC’s facilities every year. Among the different schools, Daley College is one of the biggest institutions running under the CCC banner.

Reliable Accreditation

The Higher Learning Commission North Central Association (NCAHLC) has granted accreditation to courses at Daley College. Some special courses available at CCC are accredited by reputed specialized agencies too. For example, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) grants accreditation to the school’s nursing and real estate programs.

Extracurricular Activities

Students have varied interests. Some may be interested in sports, music or theatre. At Daley College, extracurricular activities that center on the student’s social and creative development are being encouraged. National level in both football and basketball teams are available for both genders. For the creative ones, Daley College organizes special programs and activities that ensure students have the right platform to display their talents.

A Good Library

Daley College hosts a well-maintained library that provides students access to all the necessary books and learning materials. There are nearly 70,000 books housed at Daley’s physical library. Meanwhile, the college also provides students access to more than 10,000 eBooks and thousands of audio-visual materials through the Internet.

Beneficial Scholarship Programs

The majority of the students at Daley College are granted scholarships and financial assistance. Students can benefit from a variety of federal and private scholarship and grant schemes while attending Daley College.

Multiracial Environment

Daley College can be considered a melting pot of students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. The college specially has managed to attract students from Hispanic backgrounds.

Secure Environment

The college offers one of the most secure learning facilities in the city of Chicago. More than 50 security personnel are employed by the college to handle the safety and security of students and faculty round the clock.

Effective Career Counseling

The college hosts a good and effective career counseling facility that aids student to find employment and internship opportunities. Based on a report, many graduate students from Daley fare rather well in the job market. Hence, Daley College is the place to be for the career-minded students.

Average Student-Faculty Ratio

Daley College has a student-faculty ratio of 39:1. This is considered a fair number for a college that has more than 8000 students attending its classes.

Special Facilities for Skill-Based Education

For those seeking skills-based professional courses, Daley College have a special facility called the Arturo Velasquez Institute. The institute runs special courses to enhance students’ skills in the professional field. Focusing on the needs of manufacturing industries, students are taught all the necessary practical and theoretical aspects. There are also special courses designed to match the needs of health institutes and office administration.

Are you looking to invest in quality education? Daley College is the best place to be.

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