Data Analyst Job Description: Career And Employment

data analyst job description

data analyst job description

If you love research and studying various data to produce useful knowledge, then you should consider looking into the data analyst job descriptions in the classifieds. There’s a lot of career opportunities for a data analyst because a lot of organizations – including quantitative psychology – need data analysts to advance their research and management case studies. Here are some  of the basic responsibilities of a data analyst.


Acquiring and Organizing Data

The responsibility of a data analyst is mainly to create patterns from the provided information to pursue the goals of a company. Organizing and assessing various data groups are an important factor in establishing the facts and spreading the right information to educate people. In fact, scientific journals could not grow without the great help of the technology analysts employed by a research group to make sense of the flood of available data today.

Completing Reports

The end point of any study is to be able to create and prove hypothesis and debunk myths. Research journals are made up of reports, and part of the data analyst job description you usually find today often involves being able to use the word processing tools to be able to complete comprehensive reports. The duty involves a lot of calculating data using statistics, and so it would help to be good in Math and Science. However, completing reports is essentially about being able to organize data in a concise way, so a knowledge in cohesive writing is also essential.

Career Options

There’s a lot of job opportunities for data analysts in the social sciences, including in the academic, government and private research companies. The traditional data analyst careers you can find today require a basic degree in computer science, but that’s not essential. A market research analysis would not be possible without the help of data analysts. Economics is also a good field for all data analysis that has a focus on demographic studies, so a degree in business management would also be helpful for a successful data analyst career. Having a master’s degree in Computer Science could also increase your chances of getting your dream job.

data analyst job description


What you get from being an average data analyst is roughly an annual salary of $77,740. If you get higher level tasks like designing computer systems, company databases, and perform computations-heavy tasks, you can roughly earn $80,830 per year. That’s not bad for a career that gets to use your skills and interest in knowledge and creating patterns from  information. There’s an expected increase of 22% between 2010 and 2020 for data analysts, based on how the world of business process outsourcing and information technology is doing.

A consultancy service is also a great field for those data analysts who want to start a company of their own, but data analysts working for a large and already established corporation or even just a marketing and advertising agency is also promising.

Importance of a Data Analyst

The government and its educational programs cannot thrive without the help of data analysts. Their job description is very useful in the promotion of the right facts and options for decision makers. Positions in management are the next steps on the average career ladder, which can eventually encompass opportunities as executive market researchers and directors.

There’s also a fulfilling median annual salary of $60,570 for junior data analysts ready for the taking for all of the undergraduates, but it would help that you should read first the data analyst job descriptions that vary in the different fields, so you will know where your data analyzing skills really fit.

The importance of data analysts cannot be valued enough in the world we live today. This is because it is only from the data analysis that we can make sense of the flooding information we get from increasingly reliable sources like social media and digital content. No consumer behavior is irrelevant, and the products we enjoy today comes from the study of this behavior.

With this data analyst job description, are you ready to become one today?

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