Qualities Of An Outstanding Director Of Operations: Do You Have What It Takes To Be One?

director of operations

director of operations

Managing a business from the bottom ranks up to the top managers can be a very daunting task for a director. Overseeing operations from the smallest detail to the biggest world-expanding ventures can be a gigantic task to handle for an Operations Director.

However, being a director of operation is very rewarding once you see the fruits of your effective management bring effective and efficient flow in the workplace and more sales. So what qualities should a director of operations possess? Do you have what it takes to be an outstanding operations director?

1. Passion For Their Work

An outstanding director of operations is passionate with what he is doing, as every decision and action will affect every aspect of the business. He is passionate with his job and make it his mission to make employees work better through effective management and execution.

2. Skills that Fit the Business

Directors are expected to bring in the skills required in the organization to meet the goals of the company. Some basic skills like their expertise in their chosen industry and managerial skills are expected. Skills like accounting, finance, sales, customer service, marketing, or advertising are good essential for a director. A director of operations has to be versatile in learning new skills as he can keep up with everyday changes in the industry.

3. Self Sufficient in Thinking

He should be a critical thinker. An operations director should know how to weigh things before taking action. He is willing to consult people that are more knowledgeable in the area that needs answers. However, he still has the final say on what to do with those suggestions.

4. Experienced in Management

Having solid years of experience in management is a must for an aspiring director. Experience is the best teacher as the saying goes and there is no substitute to what experience can teach when it comes to managing an operation.  If a business wants to achieve a new direction, they should get someone who has the experience and the know how on what to do.

director of operations

5. Got Great People Skills

An operations director should be adept in handling people’s uniqueness, quirks and perspectives. He should be good at handling people from different backgrounds. People skills are the one of the most important skills in this line of job. You can have the best people in the company but if you can’t get along with them and lead them, then your position as a director of operations is useless.

6. Takes Accountability and Full Responsibility

A good director should know when to take calculated risks and take full responsibility and accountability of its consequences. He should be willing to take immediate actions in case a decision failed and take responsibility over what happened. He should also be committed to the success of the organization and all of its employees. He sees the big picture but plans the small actions to achieve this big picture.

7. Be the #1 Believer of the Company’s Goals, Vision and Purpose

As a director people looked up to, a director of operations is the main man when it comes to implementation of the company’s goals, purpose and vision. He should be the number one person to believe in those company ideals and execute them in the best way he can. A director should lead by example, and acts as a role model for all employees to follow.

8. Delegates Tasks Effectively and Efficiently

As a director, you set up goals and targets and make sure the right results are achieved. But you won’t be the to achieve all of those. Directors are not expected to do everything. They delegate tasks to those people that they know can do a better job than them. He gives them a chance to make errors but still steps over if the desired outcome is not achieved.

9. Disciplined and Focused

A director of operations is disciplined to follow the routine and schedules. He is focused on delivering the task as quickly and efficiently as possible. Directors don’t get easily distracted and knows how to prioritize things that needs to be done.

10. Driven to Get Results

As a director of operations, your main task is to make sure all activities and tasks performed by everyone are driving to the common goal of the organization.

So with these qualities of an outstanding director of operations, do you think you have what it takes to be one?


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