Cheap And Easy Dorm Room Ideas

dorm room ideas

Dorm rooms can be quite dull and boring. Decorations and furniture are needed to enhance the look of your room, but they can be quite expensive. You can easily add personality and bring your dorm room to life with a little creativity and some do-it-yourself easy dorm room ideas.

Dorm Room Ideas 1: Printable Wall Mural

dorm room ideas 

You can bring a boring blank wall to life with a wall mural. Because giant poster murals can be quite expensive, you can print it yourself. All you need is a computer, a high-resolution photo, a photo-editing program, a flash drive, a printer with engineer-print capability (or you can have a copy center do this for you), photo paper and double-sided tape.

Simply choose your photo, then go to your printer’s poster settings. Choose the size of poster you want, then print.  Your photo will be printed in parts just like a puzzle. Stick the pieces of the photo on your wall with double sided tape.

Dorm Room Ideas 2: Temporary Headboard

dorm room ideas

Make your ordinary bed look classy and luxurious with a DIY headboard. All you need is a big cardboard, newspapers, scissors, some nice printed fabric (this can be a blanket or curtain you no longer use), fabric glue, a flat brush, hammer and some tacks.

The first thing you should do is to make half a pattern of your headboard design with a newspaper. Trace this on the half of your cardboard then flip it. Do the same on the other half of the cardboard. This way you can be sure that both sides are equal in size.

Next, cut out the cardboard. Brush on some fabric glue on the cut out then place it on top of the fabric. Cover the upper part of the cardboard with fabric. Place the cardboard on the wall where your bed is and hammer it in with some tacks.

Dorm Room Ideas 3: Storage Box Decors

dorm room ideas

Storage is usually an issue when organizing things in a very small space. You usually end up with ugly boxes and containers of different sizes and shapes. This creates unsightly clutter in your room. One popular dorm room ideas to organize your things is to use uniform boxes. You can paint them with a chic design which allows you to identify the contents too.

To do this, simply draw the design you want with pencil on the sides of each box. You can also use a stencil pattern to trace for a more uniform look. Get creative and paint your boxes with poster color. You can place the boxes in a cabinet or simply store them under your bed for easy access.

Dorm Room Ideas 4: Plastic Spoon Mirror

dorm room ideas

Most of the time, you will need a mirror in your room. Transform your simple tiny mirror into a beautiful flower mirror wall decor.

Materials you will need are the following: plastic spoons of the same size (yes you can use recycled ones too), cardboard, a mirror, a glue gun, glue sticks, a pen, scissors, spray paint and string.

Start off by tracing your mirror on the cardboard. Trace a big circle around your mirror (you can use a big plate to do this). Cut up your cardboard.  Cut the handles off your plastic spoons and stick them piece by piece around your mirror using your glue gun. Do this until you get to the edge of the circle.

Spray your creation with paint and let it dry. Stick on your mirror using your glue gun. Hang your beautiful flower wall decor mirror with a string and hook.

Dorm Room Ideas 5: Mason Jar Lights

 dorm room ideas

Recycling is an “in” thing these days. You do not need to buy expensive lamps to enjoy the beautiful lighting in your room.  All you will need are some nice looking jars, a light bulb, some hooks and a plug. Simply make a hole in the metal cover of the jar. Slip in the socket through the hole. Attach the bulb to the socket. Attach the lid to the jar. Attach some hooks on the ceiling or on your walls and hang your mason jar lights.

You don’t have to spend a lot to have a beautiful dorm space of your own. Make your dorm life a bit closer to home by adding a personal touch here and there with some cheap and easy dorm room ideas on how to decorate your little space.

Do you have any dorm room ideas that you want to share with us?

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