Fake ID Websites: How To Distinguish Legit From Scam

fake id websites

fake id websites

Are you hankering for a fake ID just for the sake of having a fake ID? Then go online and check out the many fake ID websites on the internet. There’s no shortage of website that offer fake IDs. Type ‘get a fake ID’ on Google and you’ll get thousands of results. So how do you go about choosing which sites can be trusted?

Read on and find out more about fake IDs.

Fake IDs = Novelty IDs

The politically correct (and legally correct) term for these identification cards are ‘novelty IDs’. They’re more an item to be collected for novelty purposes. They can be displayed in conspicuous places or shown to friends and acquaintances. But these identification cards should never be used to deceive organizations and other people. These novelty IDs become illegal once they are used in unlawful transactions.

How are these fake IDs different from real IDs?

You’d be surprised how similar these novelty IDs are to the real thing. They use the same kind of plastic (PVC), lamination and printing method as the real IDs. Even the security features (like the bar code) of the novelty identification cards can mimic the legit IDs. The only thing the novelty IDs can’t reproduce is the hologram security feature found on new IDs. The holograms on the fake ones are of the simplest kind, while the holograms of real IDs are retro-reflective with a sine curve.

Which Fake ID websites can you try out?

Below is a list of websites that are purported to be trustworthy. This means that what they offer are ‘novelty IDs’ (they will never use the term ‘fake ID’). You can expect to get the item you purchased. But bear in mind that you really have to try out their service before coming to conclusions. The list below is culled and recommended from several review sites, forums and blogs:

  • NYfakes–this site operates in the US and sells novelty IDs of 20 states in the US. Before shipping the order, NYfakes sends out a picture of the novelty ID to the client for proofing. In order to access the website, you need to email them first. To find their email address, you can type NYfakesXXX into your search box and get their email ad from the results.
  • Really Good Fakes—hit the link and you’ll find that this site has added 5 new states to its novelty ID menu. They have upped their service because they used to only offer a NY ID. Their ID is of good quality, but it’s for novelty at best. Their hologram is a dead giveaway; but it’s not bad for a novelty item.
  • Open ID—this site offers US, Canada and Australia novelty IDs. They probably have the most types of novelty IDs on offer. To make sure you’re fully satisfied with their product, they send you a picture of the ID for proofing before they charge you.
  • ID League—they don’t have a website, but they have an email where you can send your order. They have an array of several US state IDs to choose from. Click this link if you’re interested to know the email address.

fake id websites

How to Spot a Fake ID Website Scam

There are a lot of sites out there who are just after your money but won’t send you any novelty ID. Below is a list of things to look out for:

  • Don’t trust fake ID sites advertised on message boards and forums.
  • You should be suspicious when they ask you pay through Western Union (or other money transfer companies).
  • Web sites whose IP addresses are from the US or Canada. These 2 countries deem the production of novelty IDs as illegal. So if you’re transacting with a website from these countries, there’s a good chance that they’re just scamming you.
  • Never order from a site who demands payment up front without showing you a mock design of your novelty ID.

We hope we were able to enlighten you on the subject of fake ID websites. Find out more about novelty IDs by clicking on the websites in the above list. Just be careful when doing transactions with them.

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  1. I had got scammed by the fake 21 sites that are from China and i was very scared to order another ID. My friend said he got one from Steverogerfakes.com and then i had ordered it came in about 8 days, There site has alot of proof on it as far as pictures and videos of multiple fake IDs with the steverogers on it so it gave me tons of confidence. Im not really a review type of guy but i wanted to share this so people know whos legit and who is not, Thanks.

  2. Hello my Name is David and I work with the site Tmf.com (Total Frat movement) We basically did an investigation on what fake IDs sites are fake, Dont send out Ids, What sites Ids get confiscated coming into the states and what sites actually make fake Ids and send them out, We had several people from a college order multiple fake Ids from every site we are going to list. Here are the real Sites and the fake ones-

    1. IDGOD.CH- One of the biggest scam sites on the internet right now. We had 7 different people at 7 different times try this site, After sending payment no response. We could not believe the type of marketing they have. When typing in google Buy a fake ID, They come up first. This site is a scam site, We believe that the same owner that runs the site underground reviews, Owns this site, We talked to a person that was hired by the owner this site “Underground reviews” the person was hired to write reviews about legit fake Id vendors calling them fake all over the internet and so customers believe the fake Reviews then get steered away from the real sites and end up going with the fake sites like Dofakes.com

    2.IDGOD.TO- This sites was tried by 4 different customers and was given an order number each time the site says about 3 weeks nobody has ever reported that they got a fake Id from them, We believe its the same owner has DOfakes.com

    3. IDGOD.ORG, 6 customers ordered from this site and all 6 people got there Ids, The site and customer service personal say you will have the Id in seven to ten days, Everyone said it was more like 10-12 days, what is ok because at least there getting the Ids, the sites Ids were reported to be perfect, The Ids scan, Have the real Holograms on the Ids. One kid used it in vegas with no issues at all. They also have a rush option they said three days customer did get the ID in 3 days from the day he ordered.

    4.FAKEYOURDRANK.COM- Site was reported to have decent fake Ids, One issue us out of 11 people ordering only 5 actually got the Ids so there might be some type of issue here like customs intercepting these Ids. The sites Ids were reported that they do scan and have holograms, One persons hologram peeled off after using it about 3 weeks, So overall the site had a 6-10 rating it would be 8-10 if they could get all the Ids to customers.

    5.SCANNABLEFAKEIDS.COM-The site was reported by 2 different customers it took 4 weeks but they did get the fake Ids, Beside the long wait the Ids are great, They scan (Hopefully look at the site name lol) They have real state Holograms and work in places like
    Hotels, Clubs etc. Overall give them a 8-10.

  3. hey guys call or text +1(484)-222-5017 for your fake ids and other documents

  4. houston564567 | May 8, 2017 at 4:52 am | Reply

    Good content find out the fake id website and i know it helps more to get the real website. So thank you so much to share your tips in here and i know more people are like this content.

  5. fakeu rdrank | June 1, 2017 at 12:43 pm | Reply

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