Who Are The Top 10 Famous Cosmetologists Today?

famous cosmetologists

A cosmetologist is considered a beauty specialist.

Famous cosmetologists are expected to be experts when it comes to hair, skin and nail treatments. Cosmetologists can also give suggestions for the best look that will suit the client. Likewise, the client may consult the cosmetologist in regards to the best hairstyle, skin care treatment, and other cosmetic concerns. Famous cosmetologists with advanced training are equipped with knowledge on therapeutic treatment and hygienic practices.

famous cosmetologists

Among the many budding names in makeup and artistry, here’s a list of the top 10 famous cosmetologists today:

1. John Frieda

John Frieda is an English hair stylist with a wide variety of product line known around the world. John got his inclination in cosmetology from his father who was his mentor and a former salon owner. John’s father supported his choice to start his own business in the same field. He opened his salon in New Cavendish Street, London.  His hard work has certainly paid off, now that celebrities trust the John Frieda Hair Care products.

2. Sally Hershberger

Sally is a world-known hairstylist who has made a reputation in trend setting. She is considered as one of the most influential hairstylists in the world. According to an interview, Sally did not plan on becoming a hairdresser if not for a friend who suggested that she enroll in a beauty school. This paved the way for her to meet famous names in photography and publishing. She launched her own hair care product line in 2008 labeled as Sally Hershberger Professional Hair Care. During the same year, she was able to put up 3 salons in New York City and Los Angeles.

3. Christine Dolce

Christine Dolce is known as “ForBidden”. She was formerly an internet icon in the social media site MySpace. She became known as the “Queen of MySpace” for having 1 million friends. This gave her the opportunity to model for Playboy and launched her own website and fashion brand.

4. Angus Mitchell

Another famous cosmetologist is Angus Mitchell. He is the son of the famous hairdresser, Paul Mitchell. Angus Mitchell followed his father’s footstep as he became a successful hairstylist, salon owner and artist. But the thing that sets him apart from his father is that he had a modeling stint to endorse Mitchell’s main styling line.

5. Jonathan Antin

He is one of the famous cosmetologists who originated from Los Angeles, California.  Jonathan owns two famous salons, namely: Jonathan Salon West Hollywood and Jonathan Salon Beverly Hills. He made a name of his own in makeup and artistry for being associated with well-known celebrities such as Madonna, Kirsten Dunst, Rod Stewart, Alicia Silverstone, Ricky Martin and many others. Antin also worked as a model and was featured in two magazines, Inked and Sense. He also served as judge of some American reality shows.

6. Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon is a British hairdresser. He became well-known for his trademark wedge bob hair styling. He opened his first hair styling salon in 1965. His company flourished more with the tag line “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.” His name became internationally known as a hair treatment product line.

7. Lee Stafford

Lee started his career in 1984 when he opened his first hair salon called The House that Hair Built. He extended his business in 1992 when he opened a second hair salon named Greezers. He became even more famous when he was awarded British Hairdresser of the Year in 1997. Stafford has participated in some TV series as a hair stylist. Eventually, he married the model and movie star, Jessica-Jane Clement.

8. Christine Valmy

Christine Valmy is known in the field of skin care and esthetics most especially in the US. In 1966, she founded the first esthetics school in the United States. She opened several salons, but found her passion in teaching. Thus, in 1966 she opened her first skin care school in New York, where she introduced the “Valmy method” which believed in “reveal not to conceal”. She also authored three books on skin care and esthetics.

9. Jose Eber

Jose Eber had his first salon in the elite location, Beverly Hills, California. In 1982, he launched the first of his two books. He also produced a video entitled “Why Do I Call You Sexy?” In June 2008, he was awarded the Global Salon Business Awards Lifetime Achievement.

10. Anthony Mascolo

Anthony is of British descent and known as an award-winning hairdresser. He had been awarded “British Hairdresser of the Year” for 3 consecutive times.  He is the person behind the composition of the educational training programs for the International Creative Team.

Cosmetology is not just an ordinary career, but must be treated the same way as other professions. Just like any other career, it requires a certain level of training and education mixed with passion for art. Together with a certain creativity and an eye for uniqueness, there are great opportunities for cosmetologists to work with famous people in the entertainment industry.

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