Find A Dynamic Career In Ethical Hacking

When looking for a dynamic career in IT field, there can be nothing more exciting than ethical hacking. If you are interested in making a career as an ethical hacker, the following post has a lot more for you. Read on…

Ethical hacking is a rapidly growing career option in India. Also known as red teaming or intrusion testing, ethical hacking plays a crucial role in breaking into an IT system and finding loopholes in it.

Ethical hacking is an emerging career option that offers various lucrative job opportunities. With growing employment opportunities in the field, many students are pursuing ethical hacking courses in India.

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Ethical Hacker – An Overview

An ethical hacker is a computer network expert, who is responsible for attacking a security system as a part of service request from his client. The main purpose of ethical hacking is to seek computer and network vulnerabilities that can harm a computer system and its security features.

In today’s internet age, it has become important to ensure the safety of computer systems and network by protecting it from malicious hackers. Hence, an ethical hacker attacks a computer on request of his clients to find any loopholes and maintain its security. Ethical hackers are often called as ‘white hat’. These professionals find great demand in various private and government organizations.

Growth Areas in Ethical Hacking

The information security (IS) industry is flourishing at a rapid pace. According to a survey by

Frost & Sullivan, the number of security professionals across the nation is expected to reach approximately 4.2 million by the year 2015.

In the context of Indian job market, the demand for information security professionals is high in all the IT/ITES companies. As a matter of fact, as network security is turning to be a major problem area with the growing IT sector, information security is mandatory to meet the security compliance of all IT companies.

Skill Set Needed to Find a Career in Ethical Hacking

To work as an ethical hacker, the person should have the knowledge of programming languages like Ruby, Python, C++, C and Perl. Professionals willing to work with web applications should hold knowledge in PHP and .NET.

Working knowledge of a wide range of operating systems like Microsoft Windows and different versions of Linux is critical. Ethical hackers interested in analyzing disassembled binaries should possess a fine knowledge of assembly language. Apart from these, an ethical hacker should have experience in network devices like routers, firewalls and switches. An ethical hacker cannot do well without a basic understanding of IP/TCP protocols like HTTP, SMTP and ICMP.

While the above mentioned technical skills are important for pursuing a career as an ethical hacker, certain soft skills are also vital. Adaptability is one of the most important soft skills required at the time of testing systems and software.

Where to Study Ethical Hacking Courses?

A career in ethical hacking is a highly rewarding, interesting and challenging career path. According to Nasscom, the IT sector in India will generate approximately 77,000 jobs every year for ethical hackers. This makes ethical hacking an attractive option for young students willing to pursue a career in IT field in India.

There are several ethical hacking training institutes that offer various ethical hacking courses in India. Some of the reputed colleges include:

  • Techno Corp, Pune
  • Alchemy Technologies, Vadodara
  • Appin Technology Lab, Thane
  • Indian Institute of Hardware Technology, Kolkata
  • Jetking Infotrain Ltd. (Mumbai/Chennai/Gorakhpur/Chandigarh/Delhi/Ahmedabad)
  • IIHT Vadapalani, Chennai

Ethical hacking courses offered by these institutes develop networking know-how skills in students to become a certified ethical hacker.

So, if you wish to enter into a dynamic and rewarding IT related job, ethical hacking is one of the best options for you!


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