Must-Read: How To Find The Right College For You

find the right college

find the right college

These are important tips on how to find the right college for you.

Choosing the right college to go to is a very important decision a freshman student will have to make. However with such a large number of college options to choose from, as well as plenty of variety among colleges, how exactly do you go around the process of finding the right college without feeling confused?

Going to college is a fantastic chance for young people to get started on finding out who they really are as well as who they really want to become. You may be surprised to discover that looking for the right college is not about getting into the best college. There is absolutely no college that happens to be best for every student.

Some prefer to study in large public schools, others do best in small community colleges and while some would rather study online through the comfort of their home.

Getting started in your college search

  1. Compile a list of potential schools that you would like to go to
  2. Check the school’s website on what they offer and the requirements they would need from enrollees
  3. Ask for feedback from family, friends and teachers
  4. Do a self evaluation. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Do you like trying out new things and taking risks, or are you content with playing it safe? Do you actively participate in a discussion or would you prefer to just listen to what is being discussed?
  5. Keep a list of your strengths and weaknesses, personality, and behavior. This will help you in finding a college that will match your qualities.

Here are important factors to consider to help you find the right college for you:

Size of the College

Check the size of the school if will be the ideal match both socially and academically. Do you want a school with a small class size, smaller faculty to student ratio, more access to different facilities, or guaranteed residence in the school?


Do you want to go to a school in an urban area, suburban or rural place?

Distance from your home

Do you prefer a college nearby so you can travel home when you don’t have school work? Can you manage to be away from home and study in a far away school and live on your own?

College Academic Programs and Opportunities

Do the school offer courses that can be interesting for you? Does it offer online programs so you can take your curriculum at home? Do you get an internship program right away to practice what you learn? Will it possible to perform research with the instructor or is the student on their own? How good is the job placement program? Is the alumni network easily accessible?

Extracurricular Interests and Activities

Are you up for exciting extracurricular activities? Are there clubs or organizations for interests like sports, arts, theater, music, religion or community service?

find the right college

Student Diversity

What do you think of your fellow students? How do you imagine them to be? Will you be able to adapt and work with different people from diverse backgrounds?

Academic Challenge

Are you up for the intellectual challenge offered by  this school? Most importantly, are you ready to face the stress of college life?

Accessibility to Scholarships, Grants or Loans

Is it easy to apply for student loans, government grants or school scholarships offered by the college institution? Do you have several options in case you would need financial assistance to help you with your education?

Academic Requirements of the School

Will your SAT or GRE score enough to get admission to your desired course? You may have to review the policy of the school regarding admission requirements based on SAT rating. Some schools may accept you, but may require you to take remedial classes in your freshman year.

Brings Out the Best in You

Lastly, will the school and its programs bring out the best qualities in you? Is the school known for making leaders out of its students? Are they known in the community for their contributions and achievements? Do they have good feedback from their former students? Do you think this school will help you develop your potential in all areas as a person?

Knowing how to find the right college is not choosing a popular college, but the criteria should match your desire to be the best person you can be. What is most important is that you choose a school that will offer what you want — SUCCESS.

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