Game Designer Job Description: Steps On How To Become One

game designer job description

Part of a game designer job description is debugging computer codes in order to develop games for different kinds of platforms. This means that for a game designer to perform his job, he should have extensive knowledge in computer and technology. If this ability is combined with creativity, a person will surely be a successful game designer.

game designer job description

For someone aspiring to land a job in this field, it is necessary to have the skills in order to perform the above mentioned tasks as a game designer. Here are the steps one needs to follow in order for him to become a game designer:

1. Get a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree.

2. Acquire related work experience. A programming experience of two years is very advantageous.

3. If possible, get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

4. Learn different programming languages.

5. Keep up to date with recent computer developments.

6. Develop skills and personal qualities such as:

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Originality
  • Problem-solving
  • Drawing and 3D design

What does a game designer really do? Here are the things included in a game designer job description:

  • In developing the rules of the game. The game designer should devise plans as to how the game must be played.
  • Planning and constructing the game’s setting. This is a very important part of a game designer job description. The players usually are interested with how the game looks like and what elements are present in the game’s cosmos.
  • Creating the game’s back story. This is when the game designer’s creativity plays an important role. He will need to set up quests and challenges for the game’s character. Part of a game designer job description is to construct the game’s story in such a way that it will have various possibilities depending on how the player handles the game.
  • Developing the characters for the game. The game’s design document describes how the player can control the characters and the props of the game. It shows the different ways these objects interact with each other.
  • Setting up the necessary props such as vehicles, armors, and weapons. Artistic and creative tasks are always part of a game designer job description. Beautifully designed props are necessary part of the game design. They will make the game more appealing to the customers.
  • Inventing various ways the players may play the game. The design document includes a flow chart where the outcome of a certain option is shown.
  • Investigating bugs if there are any. Games always have bugs. Almost all gamers know that game designers can’t find out about these hiccups right away. Part of a game designer job description is to make sure that there are minimal game bugs before the game is introduced to the market.
  • Constructing the game characters’ dialogues. Even though the development team includes a writer, it is also a part of the game designer job description to compose the character dialogues if needed.
  • Collaborating with the development team which includes animators, sound designers, game testers, and programmers. In relation to this, it is also part of a game designer job description to communicate effectively with his team and make sure they understand the concept of the game.
  • Testing the game codes. One of the details of a game designer job description is to make sure that the game he created is working well. This means that a game designer makes sure that the game he created is composed of gameplay, art, and sounds that work well together.
  • Training game testers. Once the game passes the test, game testers are given the task of finding out whether the game is working the way it is designed according to the game designer’s plan.

game designer job description

Many game designers worked in game development studios and eventually acquire the skills during their stint as game testers. What one needs is a portfolio of completed work and game design documents or game proposals. Some employers hire game designers who have no relevant educational background. What is truly necessary in order to become one, is to develop the skills needed in carrying out the tasks outlined in the game designer job description.

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