Harvard Medical School: Programs And Tuition

Harvard Medical School

Ideally situated within the Longwood Medical vicinity in Boston, no one will surely miss HMS’ distinct quadrangle. As a matter of fact, it is best known as an international center of learning. Harvard Medical School fulfills the dreams of many students who want to pursue a career in medicine.  With its mission statement of creating and nurturing a diverse but only the best people who are committed to alleviating the pain and suffering caused by any physical and mental condition, it makes them the ideal school for those inclined towards a medical career whether in research or in medical practice.

Harvard Medical School

Basic Information

HMS was established way back September 19, 1782, and has a long history of excellence in the field of medicine. The school’s faculty in medicine consists of 11,000 people who either works in classroom, laboratories or clinics. They provide its students the best medical education that money can buy.  Their faculty boasts of more than a hundred members of the Institute of Medicine, and more than 60 members of the National Academy of Sciences.  In addition to this, Harvard Medical School is affiliated with more than a dozen medical and research institutions that provide real-life experience to its students.

Programs Offered

Harvard Medical School offers MD programs which attract in excess of 5,000 applicants per year.  Of those applicants, only about 4% are admitted and only 3% eventually enroll.  Due to its high standards and the volume of applicants, the typical admitted applicant will have high academic ratings. An average  score of 3.8 GPA is required. Even though the college does not have any cutoff related to academic performance, academic excellence is expected.  Applicants to HMS also go through an interview day, which includes interviews with esteemed members of the faculty, orientations, tour of the facilities and lectures.

Tuition and Costs

Education at Harvard Medical School is by no means cheap.  Students typically fork out approximately $49,785 per year in tuition and another $3,621 in other fees.  The school does not offer any merit-based scholarships, but financial assistance may be awarded on a need basis after the student and his family has exhausted all means to provide the required tuition.  Foreign students are also allowed to apply for financial assistance.

Educational Programs

Once admitted, new MD students typically spend the first two years in the classrooms at the HMS quadrangle complex.  Classrooms have state of the art equipment that facilitates team-based interactive learning methods, simulation of clinical scenarios, video and teleconferencing capabilities and other progressive teaching methods.

While HMS facilities include classrooms, offices, research facilities and laboratories, it does not operate its own hospital.  HMS has instead entered into agreements with seventeen (17) clinical affiliates and research institutes to provide actual patient care and clinical training.  This extends the medical student’s learning far beyond the medical school’s walls to encompass real-world scenarios and medical conditions.  It is in these conditions that students get to interact with, and learn from the best practicing physicians in treating actual medical conditions.

In the first two years, medical students undergo training focused on biological sciences, closely correlated with the behavioral sciences.  Training on clinical sciences gradually introduced students to  the final two years where training moves on to include the clinical and research facilities of seventeen affiliates of HSM.  Should a student feel the need for more experience, the school’s Scholars in Medicine office has a searchable database containing hundreds of research, clinical and volunteer opportunities in the Longwood Medical Area.

Other Activities and Projects

Within the campus, there is a host of societies that assist the school in getting medical students to work on alleviating the pain of patients suffering from different types of illnesses.  Some of the more advanced projects of these societies involve research to find new cures for various complaints.  HSM is one of the most awesome schools in terms or sports facilities.  Students can participate in a variety of sports activities at the school’s Vanderbilt Gymnasium.

In terms of programs, depth of Medical Faculty talent, facilities, equipment and history, you cannot find any US school that can match Harvard Medical School.  If a career in medicine interests you, this is the school you should aspire to be admitted to.


Are you ready to pursue your medical career? The best way to invest in your future is going to one of the most awesome school in the country today – Harvard Medical School.

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