Secrets Revealed: How To Become A Rapper And Not Fail

how to become a rapper

how to become a rapper

The world of hip-hop looks awesome on the outside. Nice cars, hot chicks and all the gold bling bling  around the body – yes indeed, a rapper can be very successful. But just like any profession specially in the music industry, competition is quite stiff. If you want to become a successful rapper, here are some secrets that will bring you to success.

1. Free your mind

Rapping is all about expressing yourself. Of course, there are hundreds of people expressing their naughtiest desires and horrible philosophies through their songs. But the thing to remember is that you got to be different! You got to write out the intense emotions lying inside. Take for example famous rappers like Eminem, 50 Cent and Tupac -they expressed their emotions of living a hard life in their lyrics. Similarly, Akon and Black Eyed Peas express their concerns and emotions in the music they make. So give it a try! Think about the hard things of life; think about what hurts you or what makes you happy. Then try to jot it on paper. That’s how you start the journey to become a good rapper.

2. Hard work and practice

Do you intend to make rapping a part-time occupation or something of a hobby to express during your free time? Well there are big chances then that you won’t be much successful. Of course, in this state of the economy, having a good education and a job are important. But in between such obligations, you have to the take time to practice — every single day! Work on some good and unique rhythm patterns. Work with the rhymes. As you continue to practice, you are honing your skills, and preparing a career as a rapper.

3. Performing

You can only be successful in the field of rapping if you are a good performer. You have to leave all your reservations and fears behind when you get the opportunity to perform in front of the crowd. Develop your confidence, and the only way you can do this is to perform, perform and perform. You can join rap battles or perform at your college. You can post some of your songs on YouTube. Note however, that part of learning is to face criticisms and insults. However, if you want to become a good rapper, you to bear and learn from it all!

4. Expressing your creativity

Just about anybody can deliver a rap these days! One can rap about how bad his mother cooks; another can rap about how good his girlfriend hooks. But you got to be different from all this. The content of your lyrics is the most important thing. The lyrics have to good enough to be grasped and empathized with the people who listen to it. When you are fully confident that your lyrics are good, you got to work on the beats.

Ensure that the beats sound unique and catchy. You should even experiment on some new loops to get that perfect sound that catches people’s ears. Then work on making a unique video when you are done with your recording. Don’t just make a video with your neighborhood chicks shaking their booties or you are riding a car. Make something unique; perhaps enact a fight in the ghetto or crazy things going on in your neighborhood. The key is that your video must look unique.

how to become a rapper

 Successful American Rapper and Actor Ludacris

5. Put your feet on the ground

The most common mistake that most musicians make is that they easily get carried away by their initial success. Know your targets and commitments. Enjoy the fame for a while but don’t start posing and behaving like you are a star. Remember, humility is the key to long-term success in any field, including rapping.

Do remember to keep these advices as you learn how to become a rapper. Following them will certainly lead you to an awesome rapping journey.

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