Interior Designer Salary And Career Opportunities

interior designer salary

interior designer salary

How much is the interior designer salary? What are the career opportunities for one?

Interior designers plan the design and improvement of internal spaces for residential and business environments. They are involved in the design and utility of interior premises and they supervise the project from start to finish.

They make sure that they plan a place that is artistic, beautiful and useful at the same time. They check the lighting, colors, furniture, arrangement, and room work together to meet the guests’ or tenants’ needs.

Educational Requirements

An aspiring interior designer has to take two to four years of training from interior design schools or colleges. The student can get a bachelor’s degree (four year program) or an associate degree if they enroll for a two or three year course.

After graduation, a novice designer usually pursues an apprenticeship program for one or two years at a design company and fulfill the job under the guidance of an expert interior designer.

A lot of states demand industrial designers to be registered, licensed or accredited. Those states let the National Council for Interior Design Qualification carry out the written tests for interior designers.

Job Outlook For Interior Designers

Hiring of interior designers is anticipated to increase by 20 percent from 2011 to 2021 which is as quick as the average for all other jobs. Interior designers will be required to meet the customer’s expectations that require houses and business interiors meeting certain qualifications.

interior designer salary

Salary Outlook

The average interior designer salary is about $52,960 yearly and the average hourly rate is $25.46. Here is breakdown of annual interior designer salary based on Industry:

  • Furniture Stores – $43,760
  • Building Material and Supplies Retailers – $45,080
  • Specialized Design Services – $54,070
  • Furniture and Home Furnishing Trader Wholesalers- $55,160
  • Engineering, Architectural and Similar Services -$58,240

Cities that pay a lot for an interior designer salary on an annual basis

  1. San Francisco, California – $71,580
  2. Santa Rosa-Petaluma, California – $68,150
  3. Hartford, Connecticut – $66,760
  4. Columbus, Ohio – $66, 450
  5. Boston-Quincy-Cambridge, Massachusetts – $66,220
  6. New York-White Plains-Wayne, New York – $65,940
  7. Oxnard-Ventura, California – $65,830
  8. Providence-Warwick, Massachusetts – $65,800
  9. Santa Barbara, California – $65, 680
  10. Bridgeport-Norwalk, Connecticut – $64, 810

States with the highest level of employment with good interior designer salary

  1. California – 6,530
  2. Texas – 3,130
  3. New York – 3,080
  4. Florida – 2,940
  5. Georgia – 1,630

Interior Designer Typical Responsibilities

  • Discussing with a client to check what they require in a design and how the space will be allocated. They also discuss the allotted budget for the project.
  • Thinking of a design proposal usually using CAD and cost evaluation
  • Showing design scheme and budget to customer and improving the plan according to customer’s feedback
  • Showing the building’s interior plan to inspector  to make sure it meets the standards of engineering codes.
  • Employing architects to do fundamental work
  • Setting deadline for the design program
  • Checking with the client after the job is finished to make sure that they are satisfied

Interior Design Career Opportunities

  • Commercial Design – Designing for businesses like offices, hospitals, hotels, malls, retail stores, clinics
  • Residential Design – Design for residential property’s interiors like living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms.  Interior designers may work hand in hand with architects when it comes to designing interiors of condominiums, homes and apartments.
  • Hospitality Design – This is a part of interior commercial designing. This work usually involves restaurants, bars, resorts, clubs, theaters, movie houses, and spas.
  • Lighting Design – Interior designers handle interior lighting like checking the amount of lighting required in an area, the types of lighting material to be used and the installation of lighting equipment.
  • Retail Store – Interior designers that are hired by retail stores help customers in choosing the best material for their home. They may also help out with the design and arrangement of furniture and appliances by giving suggestions and recommending the right products that they can buy from the store.

Are you artistic and want to make a career out of it?  Interior design may be the right job for you as it will let you express your creative side and earn a lot of money at the same time. The interior designer salary and career outlook are promising. Are you ready to become one today?

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