Pursue Your College Education At Kaplan College San Diego

kaplan college san diego

kaplan college san diego

If you’re graduating from high school and cannot decide where to go to college, we have a great suggestion for you: Kaplan College San Diego.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone in your quandary. There may be thousands of other incoming college freshmen who are still clueless about where they will end up matriculating. One thing is sure: With Kaplan College, you get your money’s worth.

In this article, we will highlight what makes this school a good choice.

Kaplan College Background

Kaplan is strategically located in the Kearny Mesa district of San Diego. It’s a relatively new school, having been established only in 1976. But Kaplan College is already making waves with its RN and LVN programs. It was previously known as Maric College, but they later adopted the Kaplan College name in 2008.

School Facts

The campus of Kaplan College is spacious—offering more than 50,000 square feet of learning space for students. For its big size, the school is not very densely populated. They only have around 1,200 students enrolled in any given school year. With its small population, it is understandable that this college offers limited programs (they only have 13 available). But they are known to offer a majority of their students with financial aids.

A great number of students enrolled with Kaplan because of their nursing programs. Their Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Associate in Nursing and Licensed Vocational Nursing programs are good considerations.

Other programs offered by Kaplan include: Health Aide program, Medical and Clinical Assistant, Coding Specialist (in the medical field), Dental Assistant, Criminal Justice and Information Technology.

Tuition Fees

Kaplan’s fees are not expensive, however, it depends on which programs you enroll in. The associate programs do not cost much. They range from $15,000 to $17,000 a year (and you can finish these in 2 years or so). But the Bachelor’s programs are more expensive. Expect to shell out at least $30,000 for the Licensed Vocational Nursing program. The Registered Nurse Program can go as high as $54,000 a year. It’s a good thing that Kaplan College is very generous in terms of handing out financial aid to students. About 83% of their students are under some form of financial assistance program initiated by the school.

kaplan college san diego

School Facilities

Kaplan is known to provide an ample supply of computers on campus for student use. They have state-of-the art facilities, including free WI-fi access for their students. The school also has a multimedia laboratory to help augment classroom learning. They also offer a lot of specialized medical equipment to give their students a more hands-on experience. Examples of these equipments include: microscopes, centrifuge machines, blood glucose meters, examination tables and autoclaves. They also have a mock hospital and a nursing laboratory for their nursing program. Students of nursing in Kaplan can get the chance to practice what they learned in the classroom in the school hospital.

School Features

Kaplan College San Diego boasts of a curriculum that emphasizes quality. They make sure that each student is given the proper care and attention in order for them to become successful when they graduate. Another feature of the college is their emphasis on hands-on training. With their facilities, Kaplan allows their students to experience real-life scenarios in their field of training.

The school also offers a career and academic counseling program for their students. Their intention is to help each student integrate themselves successfully into the Kaplan student body. They also have recruitment and placement services for their products. The school also offers weekend and night classes for students who are working during the daytime.


Kaplan College San Diego is a good choice if you’re interested in pursuing a  career in nursing. They offer competitive programs that can help you achieve your dreams of joining the healthcare industry. They even help their nursing majors with the NCLEX exams. Yes, Kaplan College is an excellent option. If you’re interested in enrolling with Kaplan College, then you better start preparing the requirements needed.

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