Manhattan GRE Prep School: Helping You Ace Your GRE Scores

manhattan gre

manhattan gre

Many people take the time to review for their Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) as a good result will ensure they will be considered for most graduate programs.  But many people don’t realize that there are many ways to review for the GRE. There are many review centers and that Manhattan GRE is one of the best reviewers around.

Why Take The GRE

The GRE is a standardized test created and administered by the Educational Testing Service to gauge reasoning, analytical ability and thinking skills of people wishing to enter graduate programs.  This is to measure the relative certainty that the entrant would be capable of doing graduate studies.  Most graduate schools in the US require entrants to take the GRE.  Normally the more prestigious the school, the higher their GRE score requirement is. Thus, getting a high GRE score is important.

What Options Does Manhattan GRE Offer?

Manhattan GRE offers different types tutorial programs. These include:

1. Full Class Option

This is where the reviewer may choose to attend real classes conducted by highly qualified instructors at specified times and locations or online.  The school website always has an updated schedule of classes you can refer to.  With the many sessions scheduled online and at different locations, most people will have an easy time finding a class that fits their available time.  Included in the course are 8 Manhattan Prep study guides, an official guide booklet to the revised GRE, 6 sections of adaptive exams and a five pound book of review questions.

2. Guided Self Study

Individuals who are self motivated and wish to have the most flexible schedules may opt to take the guided self study.  Course materials and support include, a syllabus, 27 hours of recorded class instruction, a five pound review questions book, adaptive practice exams, test strategy guides and loads of online resources.  This is an ideal option that allows a person to study at his own pace and at a lower cost.

3. Private Tutoring

For people who need a lot of personal tutoring, and who have no budget constraints, Private Tutoring is the best option to take.  Tutorial hours can be purchased as you require — either in one hour increments or blocks of hours. A tutor will be assigned to design a GRE preparation course that addresses your strengths and weaknesses.  This assures that you only review the subjects or areas you need to.  Tutoring schedules can be scheduled to match the time you are available.  

This tutorial is available in-person in 10 cities in the US and in Montreal, Canada.  It is also available as an online service to the rest of the world.  As a bonus, people who purchase at least ten hours of private tutoring are provided with the full curriculum (Manhattan Prep study guides, an official guide booklet to the revised GRE, 6 sections of adaptive exams and a five pound book of review questions, and recorded training sessions)

manhattan gre

What Makes Manhattan GRE Stand Out

Manhattan GRE only hires teachers who have scored at least 167 out of 170 in the GRE.  They also require GRE teaching experience, select only the best and brightest among the applicants and then train them before they are allowed to teach.  Once they have hired and trained the best teachers, higher salary scale persuades them to stay on.  The website has a brief bio of their teachers.

As a result of having attracted the best teaching talent, Manhattan GRE have created an advanced curriculum that focuses on getting students to master the content.  It has also allowed them to prepare booklets, tips, study guides, and simulated exam questions and a heavy tome full of practice GRE questions.

The best way to determine the quality of their review program is to avail of the free test class offer posted on the site.  You can attend the free online or in-person class of your choice before committing to any of their services.  You can be sure that Manhattan GRE will score high on quality of service.

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