Maple Woods Community College: A Great Place To Start

maple woods community college

maple woods community college

Maple Woods Community College is a public college located in Kansas City, Missouri. It was founded in 1969. In 2005, it became one of the five colleges under Metropolitan Community College. Maple Woods Community College is a school known for its courses in the liberal arts and its veterinarian research programs.

Every year, 5,500 students enroll in the school. Maple Woods Community College is the central area in the district for seminars, community events and performances. This school is also famous for their teams in sports like baseball, softball and soccer. One of their notable players is Albert Pujols who played baseball for Maple Woods Community College before becoming a professional player for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2009.

Mission Statement

Maple Woods Community College mission is to prepare students, serve communities and create opportunities.

Vision Statement

  • Supervise learning and dedicate time and energy to have fundamental learning.
  • Support exchange of ideas in an open, free and sincere way.
  • Combine innovation and tradition to improve academic accomplishments.
  • Create and implement systems and methods that enhance learning.
  • Conduct continuous assessment, review and adjustment.
  • Develop an environment that promotes learning through intellectual, physical and social means.
  • Create partnerships that promote a better community and institution.

Purpose Statement

  • Offer courses and programs that readies students to be skilled enough to be a part of the workforce.
  • Support development of students to help them achieve their goals in their careers, academics and personal lives.
  • Work with other schools, organizations, businesses, agencies and industries to serve the needs of the community
  • Equip students with the skills and aptitude to help them improve their learning even outside the classroom.

Campus Visit

In case you are interested in studying in Maple Woods Community College, you can attend a campus visit to get a heads up on how’s college life in this school.

Examples of campus visits that you can attend to:

Engineering Visit Day (Monday and Wednesday)

This campus visit day is suited for those who are interested in engineering. During the visit, you will talk to Admissions, engineering faculty staff, visit a laboratory and go for a campus tour. You can also learn what path to take in engineering as one of the faculty members can give you an overview of careers in engineering.

Veterinary Technology Visit Day (Monday and Wednesday)

Vet Tech Day at Maple Woods Community College is geared towards veterinary research. You will get to tour the vet’s campus, interact with the teachers and do a campus tour of the veterinary school. A vet faculty member will also show you additional resources, courses offered in vet school, and transfer programs.

Senior Visit Day (Monday – Wednesday)

See first-hand the campus life at the Maple Woods Community by meeting some students, instructors and staff members. The event includes an admission exhibition, mock classroom setup, and student panel discussions.

Major Courses in MWCC

1. Arts and Humanities

Courses: Liberal Arts Studies, Sign Language Translation and Interpretation

2. Business

Courses: Business Management,  Financial Planning and Services, Entrepreneurship Studies, Administrative Assistant General Science

3. General Engineering

4. Social Sciences

Courses: General Geography

5. Technology

Courses: Computer Programming Special Applications, Science of Computer and Information,   Information Technology Sciences and Support Services

6. Veterinary Medicine

Courses: Animal Health Technology, Technician and Veterinary Assistant Courses


School’s Highlights and Accomplishments


Maple Woods Community College is a 9 time Region XVI Champion and a 1998 South Central District Champion. They also took part in the 1998 NJCAA World Series Cup

~ Men’s Soccer

Monarchs, MCC-Maple Woods soccer team, finished 2nd in the All-Region championship this year.

~ Women’s Soccer

The monarch’s finished the soccer season this year with a record of 2-12 and continues to be a strong team in the district.

~ Story Telling Celebration

Every November Maple Woods Community College conducts a storytelling celebration wherein storytellers  from more than 100 sites in the Kansas City metro area share stories of myths, legends, anecdotes, folk tales, historical tales, stories about science and much more.

~ Community Education

Maple Woods Community College takes pride in contributing to the community by giving out free courses like: a motorcycle rider instruction. This free course is designed to help new cyclists operate their motorcycles safely and smoothly.

So this is Maple Woods Community College in a glimpse. Indeed, it is a nice place to start your higher education.

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