Mercy College Dobbs Ferry: Education At Its Best

mercy college dobbs ferry

mercy college dobbs ferry

Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry campus offers a number of advantages to its enrollees. At Mercy, students are assured that they have their professor’s utmost attention because the school is not densely populated. In fact, you might say that Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY is a small close-knit community.

Background Information

Mercy College started in 1950. As such, it’s considered as a relatively young institution.

This school actually has four campuses around New York, with Dobbs Ferry serving as the main campus. The other three campuses are located in the Bronx, Yorktown and Manhattan. Mercy College campuses network closely with each other so that students from one campus know what’s happening on the other campuses.

The college is under the NCAA division II East Coast bracket. It also boasts of more than 90 bachelor’s and associate degree programs. Among the 90, the most popular is the Veterinary Technology program. Other popular Mercy College degree programs are: Speech Therapy, Clinical Lab Sciences, Audio Engineering, Criminal Justice, Nursing and Artistic Design.

Mercy College Cons

Before we discuss the advantages, let’s first get the negatives out of the way. Here are the cons:

  1. Academically, Mercy College is not yet well-known compared to other notable schools in the area like Brown, Cornell or NYU. It is still a young school that’s constantly developing its curriculum. Though it can’t compete with the schools mentioned, Mercy still provides quality education to all its students.
  2. There are very few established traditions in Mercy. Being a young school, Mercy College is still building a foundation for its culture and history.
  3. The school does not allow fraternities and sororities.
  4. There’s virtually no nightlife scene happening inside the campus. Students who like to party get bored easily at Mercy. With no fraternities or sororities, very few parties and events take place inside the campus, and outside of it.

mercy college dobbs ferry

Mercy College Pros

Now that we have the negatives out of the way, let’s find out what the advantages are in store for those who decide to enroll in this college. You will find that the positives outnumber the negatives. Here they are:

  1. Student to faculty ratio is 18:1. Mercy College is a school that has a small population. Classes usually do not go beyond 25 students, with around a third of its classes only having less than 20 students. This means students get the attention they need from the professors and the faculty staff can also reach out more to students.
  2. The campus is known for its quiet and serene atmosphere. With no distractions occurring at night, students get a lot of opportunities to study, do their homework, or finish their research paper.
  3. Mercy College has an honors program whereby they grant a laptop computer to each member of its honors team. Scholarships and aids are also available to Mercy College honor students.
  4. The college is known to be generous in giving out financial aid to students. Almost all students in this college receive some form of financial aid. Their student financial aid office is very helpful in making sure deserving students get the financial support they need.
  5. Mercy College has a strong Distance Learning program for working professionals who want to go back to college. They also offer online classes to their students. These off-campus classes are helpful for the working student whose work area is far from the college.
  6. The tuition fee is reasonable at $17,500 a year. Students like the fact that Mercy College is a private school that offers quality education, but does not charge as much as the other private institutions.
  7. The college is not that selective in accepting enrollees. This means you get a good chance of being accepted to Mercy College.
  8. The school helps students by offering 24-hour campus security, tutorials, job placement services, healthcare service and health insurance.

Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry is a very good school for you to pursue your education. They may not be that established yet, but they more than make up for it by providing financial aid and other such help to their students. Find out more about Mercy College by checking out their website.

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