Vital Information About Michigan College Of Beauty

Michigan College of Beauty

Michigan College of Beauty

Michigan College of Beauty started in 1965 by Armand Dagenais. Armand is a hairstylist and salon owner who wanted to provide the best possible training for people who want to enter the beauty industry. Michigan College of Beauty is accredited by the State of Michigan Board of Cosmetology. It is conveniently located in Troy, Michigan.

Courses in Michigan College of Beauty


A Cosmetology course lasts for 1500 hours. Utilizing the Pivot Point training and academic systems, the Cosmetology course is created to educate and train students for professional trade in hair styling, permanent waving, manicuring, hair coloring, hair cutting, and aesthetics.

It also includes courses on hair services like shampoo, chemical wave and color applications. Training also includes facials and makeup application. The students are taught valuable skills and techniques for the qualification in the beauty industry. They are groomed for state licensing examination.

Full or part time classes with day or night schedules are available in Michigan College of Beauty.

Students can apply for federal student loans to fund their education. The average debt for course graduates from federal student loans was $12,370. Amazingly, 68.2% of graduates from the Cosmetology program finished their course on time.

The hiring rate for students who finished the program is 79.6%.


Manicuring is a 600 hour course to prepare the students to be professional manicurists. Students are taught skills for employment and are trained for a state licensing examination. Like Cosmetology, there are full time or part time classes with the option to go for day or evening shifts.

Students also have the choice to pay as they go. They are eligible for any scholarship aid and grants that will help them pursue their education. 70% of graduates from the manicuring program finish their courses on time. Job employment rate for graduates from the Michigan College of Beauty who finished the course is around 78%.


Aesthetics is a 600 hour program devised to equip students for professional work doing body treatment, facials, make-up styling and temporary hair removal. Students get the employability skills and are also prepared for exams for state licensing. You can take up this course either in a full or part time basis.

Students can finance their education through student loans, grants and scholarship aids. Typical debt amount for a student loan in this course is about $ 3,635.50. According to the school statistics, 89.3% of graduates from the program finished their course within 600 hours. The job rate for students who completed the course is 63%.

Cosmetology Instructor Training

This is a 600 hour program designed to develop a licensed cosmetologist to teach all courses on the basic cosmetology subjects in a licensed college.

Michigan College of Beauty

Financial Aid

Michigan College of Beauty is nationally recognized by the NACCS and having met its qualifications, its students are eligible to apply for direct student loans and government grants.


Michigan College of Beauty pays its tribute to US soldiers, police and firemen by offering free haircuts to those who are active in service. The offer is available from Monday to Thursday from 8.30 in the morning to 2.30 pm.


The school offers clinical services performed by senior students. The support from customers in the community helps strengthen the student’s education and gives them the opportunity to exercise their skills.

Opportunities for Work

Cosmetologist jobs can be found in:

  • Resort Hotels
  • Cruise Ships
  • Cosmetic Firm
  • Beauty Salons
  • Magazine and publication firms
  • TV and film studios

The demand for Cosmetologists is huge in the US. The projected growth of this job is about 20% up from 2010.

Manicurists are typically employed in:

  • Beauty salons
  • Barber shops
  • Department stores
  • Hotel beauty shops
  • Nail specialty salons

Average income for a licensed manicurist according to the AACS is $32,158.

Employment opportunities for a graduate of Aesthetics:

  • Make up artist for different environments like fashion shows, salon, TV, stage, film , commercial picture studios or reconstructive cosmetics
  • Spa aesthetician
  • Cosmetic development, study, research, and sales
  • Editor for beauty magazines and newspapers
  • Freelance writer on beauty topics
  • Representative for beauty product companies
  • Medical practitioner in plastic surgery, dermatology, burn treatment and oncology

If your passion is about beautiful faces and hair styles, there is no better place to study but in the Michigan School of Beauty. You get all the education you need to pursue this interest and get to enjoy practicing right away after graduation. Yes, you have a bright future once you invest your time and money in Michigan College of Beauty.



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