Midwife Salary And Career Opportunities In The US

midwife salary

If you want a career in the medical field, you might want to consider being a midwife. Most women who engage in this profession provide care and support for mothers, both parents and most especially the child. If you are the nurturing type of person, then this profession can give you the career satisfaction especially the midwife salary is probably one of the highest rates for medical practitioners.

midwife salary

Who are the midwives?

Midwives assist mothers after giving birth. Usually they help women for 28 days in providing health care to newborn infants. With this demanding and extensive kind of work, expect that a midwife salary is above the average. Midwives are given the responsibility to watch over the mother and baby’s health. They are expected to report irregularities in the medical condition especially of the child. They can work in both hospital and a healthcare community facility.

What are the educational requirements to become a midwife?

A four-year degree is required in becoming a midwife. You can take up nursing and then apply for further certification to practice as a midwife. There are times an individual can start with a career as a nurse and work her way up for a certification or invest in further studies to be a registered midwife.

What are the two categories of midwives?

There are two classifications:

1. Direct-Entry Midwives

They are professional midwives but not registered nurses. This type of midwife helps deliver babies when mothers opt to give birth at home.

2. Certified Nurse-Midwives

These types of midwives are registered nurses who are trained in both nursing and midwifery. In order to obtain this profession, a registered nurse must finish a nursing-midwifery program. They must also pass a national certification exam.

Job Description of a Midwife

A midwife is expected to perform various tasks:

1. They provide advice and support before, during and after giving birth of women.

2. They provide care and maintenance of pregnancy and birth.

3. They look at the progress and must be able to identify signs of abnormality and possible threats to pregnant women. This must be properly endorsed to the Obstetrician.

4. They monitor the mother’s condition and the fetus’ status during pregnancy and during labor.

5. It is the midwife’s responsibility to give health-related seminars to promote healthcare awareness for mothers and babies.

6. The midwife is tasked to give proper advice about the mother and child’s nutritional needs, childcare and family planning system.

7. Midwives are in-charge of diagnosing, monitoring and examining pregnant women.

8. They develop, assess and evaluate different health care programs.

9. They must be capable of identifying risks in pregnancy and refer cases to doctors and other medical specialists.

10. They advocate the participation of family members in supporting the mother giving birth and encourage family bonding.

11. Midwives provide support for mothers who experienced miscarriage, termination, stillbirth and other neonatal abnormality.

12. Midwives provide the care for the baby including breastfeeding and bathing.

13. Midwives participate in the training and supervision of junior colleagues.

Career Outlook and Midwife Salary

The demand for midwives will increase by thirty eight percent (38%) in the next five years. Midwifery is not exclusive to women. But, it has been a pattern throughout the years that most women engage in this profession since they have the motherly instinct. Full time female midwives will increase by three percent in the next five years. On the average, the midwife salary is around $90,000 per year as of 2012 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What are the benefits when midwives are around during birthing?

When mothers give birth, it is a lot helpful for doctors and other nurses when they are assisted by midwives. These are the reasons why midwives should assist in child delivery:

  • There is a lower chance of cesarean births.
  • There is a lesser chance of labor induction.
  • There is a decrease incidence of third and fourth degree perineal tears.
  • Lesser use of regional anesthesia
  • Mothers are strongly encouraged to breastfeed their babies.

With a promising career, the midwife salary and job opportunities in the coming years are answered prayers for individuals looking to pursue a career in the medical field. Are you interested in becoming one?

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