Most Efficient and 10 Top Forensic Science Colleges for Passionate Applicants

If you are the type of person who is usually interested in solving crimes, DNA testing and various types of unfortunate events, then it might be a great idea to get a degree in the said field. Forensic Science is an exciting and prestigious course you might want to get into because it will really help you develop and hone your skill in the said field. What you need to consider now is finding the top forensic science colleges that are present at the moment so that you can give yourself a number of options to choose from.

10. Northeastern University10 Northeastern University

Northeastern University is one of the universities that offer a certificate program in Forensics specifically on Forensics Accounting. The said degree can be completed online and wouldn’t require on campus lectures and the like. This is why if you are looking for a feasible way to take up your Forensic Science course without the hassle and restraints of time, this school should be one of your best options. Make sure to inquire at the Admissions Office on how to go about your application for this kind of program. Be it as it may, not everyone may be qualified for the said degree.

9. Central Ohio Technical College9 Central Ohio Technical College

The Central Ohio Technical College is offering one program for Forensic Science, which is more commonly called an Associate of Applied Science Degree Major in Forensic Science Technology. A number of would be practitioners in the field go to this college because the training provided is more technical and hands on. This is why a lot of their graduates easily become practitioners in the field because they are well-trained in it even while they are still in school. Not to mention, the said college is produced a number of top notch graduates in the said field.

8. Alvernia University8 Alvernia University

The Alvernia University is another great college option for you if you wish to take up Forensic Science. The said institution provides College of Arts & Sciences, Science & Mathematics and Forensic Science programs for interested applicants. Those who wish to apply for the said program should of course pass the entrance exam for the entire school. The school offers a total number of 55 to 56 credits for the entire duration of your study but you can get as much as 85 to 89 credits depending on the subjects you wish to take up.

7. University of Central Florida7 University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida offers a Bachelor’s of Science degree for Forensics that is part of an analysis track. The said program is under the Chemistry department of the institution. So if you are interested in both chemistry and forensics, then this is definitely a great option to take on. Not to mention, this university offers a wide range of chemistry and forensic-related subjects like Basic Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemistry and Research and more that will truly train you to become the best that you can be in the said field.

6. Michigan State University6 Michigan State University

The Michigan State University offers an undergraduate and Master’s Degree program for Forensic Science. As one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, you can definitely expect top quality education from this institution and perhaps the most advanced techniques when it comes to the field of forensics and more. A lot of the school’s products are already big names in the industry and have also been instrumental in solving some of the most controversial crimes in the United States of all time.

5. Pennsylvania State University5 Pennsylvania State University

What’s great about the Forensic Science track at Pennsylvania State University is the fact that it involves a number of current practices that will be crucial in the world of forensic science in the future. What’s distinct about this institution is the fact that they are honing their students not only to become leaders in the country but to also be involved in the crimes happening in other parts of the world. The school of Forensic Science in this institution values rigor, dedication, commitment, respect, ethics and accessibility.

4. George Washington University4 George Washington University

The Department of Forensic Science at the George Washington University is another great option for college if you are interested in taking up this field. The offer a number of programs focused on the said track, which includes Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Molecular Biology and Forensic Toxicology, thus providing you with more options when the time comes that you need to specialize on the said field.

3. Oklahoma State University3 Oklahoma State University

The Oklahoma State University offers graduate programs in Forensic Science as well as a number of other options. They also have some master’s degrees in the field to be conducted online, thus providing more flexible options for those who want to specialize in the field but are already engaged in other things like day jobs, taking care of children and the like. The Center for Health Sciences also offers non-program tracks and no enrollment online programs.

2. Florida International University2 Florida International University

The International Forensic Research Institute is what you will be under if you choose to take up your Forensic Science degree at the Florida International University. The school provides a number of programs and tracks that you can choose from. Once you enroll, you will be fully equipped with the right training as well as hands on experiences wherein you can really improve and become the best in the said industry.

1. Syracuse University1 Syracuse University

The Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute of the Syracuse University provides a number of programs in the field of Forensic Science. The school is also open for a Master’s Degree program wherein they provide only the best of the best curriculum, a number of outstanding research experiences and training as well as insurmountable outreach and partnership programs that will make their student involved in the forensic industry of the country.

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