Top 10 No Experience Jobs Today

no experience jobs

no experience jobs

Most new graduates find it difficult to land a good paying job because job openings require applicants to have years of experience to be considered for a position. People who were not able to finish college also face the same dilemma. The truth is, there are a lot of no experience jobs and endless possibilities for fresh graduates and people without a college degree in the market today. What is important is the attitude and the desire to be successful.

Here are the top 10 no experience jobs to help you get started:

1. Bill Collector

The job requirements for one to be a bill collector are a high school diploma, effective communication and good customer service skills. No experience is required. This career is said to have good advancement opportunities for those who show great potential. A bill collector has an annual salary range of $21,903 to $47,898.

2. Bartender

no experience jobs

If you are the kind who loves the nightlife and have a knack for mixing cocktails then the best no experience job for you is as a bartender. Bartenders have an annual salary range of $13,085 – $47,298. You may need to go to a bartending school to develop your skills to do this job.

3. Library Technician

If you like peace and quiet, books and have good organizational skills then you may find work as a library technician. All you need is a high school diploma to do this job as a librarian’s assistant and you can earn $20,801 – 42,896 a year.

4. Real Estate Broker

Earn $30,303 to up to $227,211 a year as a real estate broker. There is great potential to make money in this career. All you need is to take a 60-hour course for an agent license, and may even advance to become a full-fledged broker by simply taking and passing a test.

5. Customer Service Representative

no experience jobs

There is no experience required to apply for a customer service representative. All you need is a High School Diploma or a Bachelors Degree to apply. You will also have to prove that you have excellent oral and written communication skills, efficient data entry ability, proper phone etiquette, problem solving and time management skills.

The scope of the job is basically handling inbound and outbound customer inquiries and quality assurance calls. This job offers a competitive salary with free industry and company training. You also get a full range of benefits plus advancement opportunities, as well.

6. Sales Representative

A sales representative position is one of the many fast growing no experience jobs today. Many companies give paid training with incentives for this position.  You can build your own income based on your individual performance. The average annual income of a sales rep is around $42,000. Of course you should be hard working and have good communication skills to fully succeed in this career.

7. Housekeeper

no experience jobsA housekeeping job can pay up to $21,440 a year. This job does not even require a high school diploma. All you need is the stamina to clean and tidy up. In most hotels, newly hired housekeepers undergo training under more experienced housekeepers.

8. Entertainer

If you have the talent and you love performing in front of an audience, a career as an entertainer can be very rewarding. When auditioning, previous performance credentials and a degree in drama and the arts may help, but it all boils down to how well you do in the auditions.  A crew ship entertainer can earn from $2,500 to $4,500 per month.

9. Receptionist

Another no experience job is as a receptionist. Receptionists can work in hospitals, offices, beauty salons and hotels. To do this job you have to be well-organized, friendly, polite, efficient and have good communication skills.  You can earn around $29,000 a year as a receptionist.

10. Work From Home

no experience jobs

If you have not been lucky finding a job for some time now, you have an option to work from home. There are a lot of websites like,, and many more that allow freelancers to apply for online jobs. There are a lot of job openings that give newbies a chance to build their work experience.

Having no experience should not stop you from looking for a job. You just have to know your capabilities and for sure, you will find a no experience job that fits you.

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