Top 10 Nutrition Schools

nutrition schools

It is no denying that while technology is at its peak, serious illnesses are catching up. The problem of obesity and being overweight is very common everywhere. It is therefore not surprising that the field of nutrition has really exploded these days. In fact, it is also one of the most preferred course in most of the universities. If you are planning to pursue a career in nutrition, you have to check out this list of top nutrition schools.

nutrition schools

Here are the top ten nutrition schools:

University of Nebraska, LincolnConsidered as one of the best undergraduate programs, this nutrition school is continuously evolving for the better. As for the record, 95% students were able to make it in their Nutrition and Dietetics exam which is considered as one of the best performances in the country. Upon graduation, expect that their students are already skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to athletic training and pharmaceutical research.

Virginia Tech – Nutrition course is learned hand in hand with exercise. The school gives importance to the connection of these two aspects. Most of their time is spent conducting research with the real people and how they will really fare when the two is combined.

Ohio State University – In this university, nutrition is taught with a different approach and is divided into four categories. Whatever academic strength you have — ┬álike for example, you are good in research or maybe you are more dedicated to the public sector, then that is where you will be. One of their advantages is they are attached to one of the best university hospitals.

University of California, Davis – Here at this university, undergraduate students can study nutrition research programs in two ways. They can tackle current issues both in the lab and in the outside world dealing with the real thing. They will get their hands on what is really going on with the world when it comes to the nutrition aspect from weight gain, to the food safety and even to its availability.

Texas A & M University – In this university, their main goal is to teach the students as to how food works to promote health and ideal weight. This course is included in their Agriculture and Life Sciences Department.

New York University – Students will not only learn about healthy habits and the effects of proper nutrition but at the same time, they also get to understand how food is connected to other areas like social and cultural experiences.

University of Sydney – Located in Sydney, Australia, this university provides training to those who want to become the best practicing dietitians. Expect that if you will enroll here, you will be taught all aspects of human nutrition like food science, nutritional science and many more. Their newly graduated students are granted with a provisional accredited dietitian.

Acadia University – In this university, the School of Nutrition and Dietetics is very much distinguished and has a long history. They have this program the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Degree that supports the students to gain interest in human nutrition which can qualify them for the postgraduate training which is the main requirement for them to become a professional dietitian status.

Life University – The nutrition and dietetics program at this university is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE). Thus the students can gain the chance to complete the needed steps for them to earn the Registered Dietitian (R.D.) credential.

Flinders University – Here, the students will be trained to work as professionals in their Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics program. Their graduates are automatically accepted for professional membership of the DAA.

nutrition schools

Pursuing your nutrition career with these top nutrition schools, for sure, you can be a big help to the detrimental lifestyles of the citizens these days.

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