Nutritionist Salary: How Much Does A Nutritionist Earn?

nutritionist salary

nutritionist salary

A great number of Americans are either unhealthy or obese. This is where the opportunity lies for a nutritionist to earn a higher salary — whether by being employed or doing freelance work.  There is only one nutritionist for every 5,447 people in the US, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a higher than average demand for nutritionists by 2020. How much is a nutritionist salary?

There are different types of nutritionists and their salaries depend on various factors such as: geographical location, work experience, the type of job and employer, their educational attainment and license. A nutritionist salary per year ranges from $34,500-$77,590. Below are the types of jobs they may apply for and the salary they earn.

Dieticians. Dieticians are nutritionists, but what makes them different is that it requires a license to become a Registered Dietician (RD). Below are the three most common types and their salaries:

  • Dietician. They make diet plans and teach patients how to make their own based on their health and food needs to achieve specific health-related goals. They also teach them how food affects them and how to make better choices based on their lifestyle and needs. Average yearly salary: $64,000.
  • Pediatric Dietician.  They teach parents on how to make diet plans for their children and guide them towards reaching helping their obese kid lose weight. Their job also includes teaching parents about proper diet. Average yearly salary:  $53,250.
  • Dietetic Consultant. They may work in homes, food companies, foundations and public health offices. Example is a nutritionist working for the United Nations to help fight malnutrition in Africa. Some individuals teach in universities or become experts in the food and beverage industry. Average yearly salary:  $64,000.

Nutritionists. These professionals also need licensing but some states don’t require them to have one so they can be called a nutritionist.

1. General Nutritionist.  The job is similar to that of a dietician. They also give talks and advise people on how food makes them healthy or sick. They work in hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. Average yearly salary: $53,250.

2. Clinical Nutritionist. They do lab works to study the needs of patients based on tests and come up with diet plans that suit them. They work with doctors to improve someone’s health condition. You see them working in clinics or hospitals. Average yearly salary: $53,250.

3. Food Scientists. They are into food testing to find better ways of improving the quality of food and making sure it’s safe for the public.  They also study food products for proper food labeling.  Average yearly salary:  $58,450.

4. Food Service Manager. They work in restaurants and the like, making sure that how their staff prepares food is in line with health laws. They act as an overall manager and may work from 12-15 hours a day. Average yearly salary:  $48,130.

5. Dietician Assistant. They may be involved in meal planning and giving nutritional advice under the eye of a dietician. The pay is lower because the job requires only a high school diploma. Average yearly salary:  $27,600.

6. Food Journalist. No one knows food better than they do. They write anything and everything about healthy food choices. How much one can earn will totally depend on their education and experience.  The job outlook for this however, is lower than other jobs.  Average yearly salary:  $55,420.

7. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. You would normally see them lined up outside doctor’s offices. They work with medicine companies and bring samples to doctors to convince them to prescribe their brands to their patients. Average yearly salary: $71,000.

nutritionist salary

Aside from doing full-time work in hospitals or clinics, a nutritionist salary also rests on part-time work and other businesses in line with their practice. They may do part-time work in gyms or health and wellness centers, or have a business selling vitamins and supplements. There are truly many things one can do with a career in nutrition and the earnings are unlimited. With all these being said, what type of nutritionist would you like to be?


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