How To find The Best ODU Financial Aid

odu financial aid

odu financial aid

Are you thinking of studying in Old Dominion University and take advantage of their student financial aid programs? Here are a few things you have to know about Old Dominion University and the ODU financial aid programs they have.

Old Dominion University is a government school located in Norfolk, Virginia. It was founded in 1930 as the Norfolk Division of The College of William and Mary. ODU has a comprehensive variety of college degree programs and one of the biggest providers of online learning programs in the US.

Some milestones you may want to know about ODU:

  • Best Southeastern College by The Princeton Review
  • One of the Top 100 Graduate Schools for Education by US News and World Report
  • Won 25 awards from State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Getting Started With ODU Financial Aid

Any incoming university student is invited to sign up for financial assistance provided by Old Dominion’s Financial Aid Office. After submitting an application for financial aid, the staff will evaluate which financial aid choices can be provided that is right for the student.

The Application Procedure

Students requesting financial support need to pass the following required documents:

1. The student must submit to the US Department of Education a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The student must be accepted into the school to get a financial assistance notification letter.

odu financial aid

2. Students must submit other necessary documents as needed by the school to verify Financial Aid qualification.

Qualifications for Financial Aid Legibility in ODU

  • The student must be accepted and enrolled in college degree and not an associate program only
  • The student should be enrolled in a class for 6 hours every day for undergraduates and 4 hours for graduates
  • The student must be a US citizen. Non-US citizen can still qualify as long as they are approved
  • The student should have no unpaid loans from previously applied financial from ODU or from any other colleges or universities
  • The student must not be delinquent on any other college education student loans.

Here’s a list of ODU financial aid programs available:

1. Admissions Scholarship

The Office of Admissions gives credit based scholarships to new students based on school performance.

2. Honor Scholarships

The Honors College scholarships are given to select freshmen based on their educational accomplishments. The scholarships can be extended up to 3 years as long as the scholars continue to satisfy the course participation criteria.

Some examples of Honor Scholarships:

The Cranmer-Skinner Scholarship

Requirements to be eligible for this scholarship:

  • College student in the Honors College
  • At least a grade point average of 3.25
  • Involvement in extracurricular events

The Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarships are the most well-known and also recognized international fellowship awards worldwide. Every year they accept 32 scholars into the scholarship program. They will pick these scholars out of the 300 US colleges and universities.

3. Agency Scholarships From Other Organizations/Agencies

Aside from the scholarship provided by the university, the ODU financial aid office receives scholarship assistance from private companies and organizations all year round. These other companies or organizations are churches, rotary clubs, Masons, Lodges, women’s clubs, religious organizations, and community organizations.

4. ROTC Scholarships

The ROTC Scholarship is a 4-year scholarship program offered to applicants who are high school graduates or hold a similar certification before starting college. The scholarship is known for its high standards and only selects candidate that are both academically and athletically qualified.

The scholarship amount given can go up to $16,000 yearly and it covers expenses on tuition and miscellaneous fees. The scholars also get a tax free allowance every month of $150 up to their tenth month.

5. Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program

The main objective of this scholarship is to offer financial aid to students who are preparing to be future teachers in subjects that are short of qualified instructors. 

6. John Albert Gay Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship program was created in 1983 for college students who work with emotionally disabled children.

7. Frank Hill Knecht Memorial Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship started in 1982 by Lena Rosa Conley was for the memory of an alumni of ODU who used to be a faculty member too, named Frank Hill Knecht. The chosen scholar should major in special education.

Are you thinking of studying in the Old Dominion University? You can lessen your financial worries and take advantage of the different ODU financial aid options available.

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