Office Manager Job Description: Are You Cut Out to Be One?

Office Manager Job Description: Are You Cut Out to Be One?

Office Manager Job Description: Are You Cut Out to Be One?

Climbing the corporate ladder is not easy. Reaching the top entails lots of hard work, patience, and determination to succeed. An employee’s journey from an entry-level post to an executive post may be very tedious, but would surely equip a person with sufficient knowledge to run the business. Office managers have the power and the position. But what, exactly, is the office manager job description?

Read on to find out:

1. Formulate a go-to plan for his team

One of the main office manager jobs is to relay the company’s vision to his team.  A manager is the one who gathers inputs from everyone, and translate this to one main business plan which includes the team’s targets and goals.

2. Set priorities for the team

After determining all goals and objectives, a manager determines the steps that are needed to be undertaken in order to successfully achieve both short term and long term goals. He will be the one to determine which to prioritize, and assigns specific tasks to specific employees.

3. Effectively assess each employee’s performance

A good manager must be able to successfully appraise the performance of his subordinates in order to know the strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement of each team member. This is crucial in order for him to be strategic in assigning tasks that would enable an employee to utilize his strengths, and learn new skills that would help in all aspects that need improvement.

4. Offer training and support

An effective manager does not only delegate tasks to his team, but also ensures that each task will be a learning experience for everyone. He understands that eventually, all employees need to step up the corporate ladder. Therefore, they need to be equipped with actual work experiences that will train them to be better workers. Furthermore, a manager must ensure that there is adequate support in terms of trainings, for employees to be able to handle their work responsibilities well.

5. Monitor the progress of all projects

The office manager job duties do not end in assigning tasks to his team. From conceptualization, implementation, and post-evaluation, he must ensure that everything is going smoothly and there are no problems with all ongoing projects.

6. Be a role model

An effective leader leads by example. A manager must be able to carry himself well, and earn the respect of his team. He must be able to make them feel good about working under someone who is knowledgeable in what he does, and must also make them aspire to work hard in order to achieve the same stature someday.

7. Ensure everyone’s well-being

A manager must make his team feel secure by making sure that their current environment is conducive for working without any health, safety, or cleanliness issue. He must make his team feel cared for and for them to be able to stay driven and focused on the tasks at hand.

8. Resolve internal issues

Having conflicts in the workplace is inevitable. One of the responsibilities that come along with an office management job is to be able to handle the issues and conflicts well, without sacrificing fairness and integrity.

9. Serve as a link between top management and his team

Since he is the person between the company’s top management and the team that is directly reporting to him, one of an office manager job duty is to ensure that all communication channels are open, and directives from top management are effectively cascaded to employees. A manager also needs to constantly report to the top management on what and how his team is doing.

10. Be an agent of positive change

Studies show that positivity in the workplace is contagious. When his team is under great pressure or stress, a manager must remain calm and composed. Moreover, a manager must encourage his team to perform well, and deliver excellent results.

There are no step-by-step guides on how to become an effective manager as we are unique individuals with varying leadership styles. A managerial job entails both people management and project management tasks. One must be able to seamlessly combine these elements and strive to strike a perfect balance in order to lead a successful team.

With this office manager job description, do you think you have what it takes to be an office manager? 

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