Top 10 US Colleges That Offer Online Biology Courses

online biology courses

online biology courses

There are several colleges offering online Biology courses for those who wish to complete their Biology degree from the comforts of their home. If you take up the said course at reputable colleges offering online Biology courses you are assured of quality education.

Here are the top ten US colleges that offer online Biology courses:

1. Pensacola  State College

They offer an Associate’s Degree in Biology which prepares the student for a Bachelor’s Degree. This properly prepares the student in case he decides to take up a Bachelor’s Degree course. Graduates of the Pensacola State College online biology courses are easily hired by institutions based in Florida. You can find out more about their online biology courses at

2. Heidelberg University

This university has faculty members who are very experienced in their field. Building a promising career in Biology will not be hard for those who graduated from Heidelberg. They have vast internship opportunities.

3. Utica College

Utica College has an excellent faculty. Because of this, the college is one of the most highly respected institutions in the country. Students are guided through their own research projects which will play a vital role in helping them succeed in their career. They have an online bookstore where students enrolled in their online courses can find resources to help them out with their learning process. Visit to find out more about their online biology courses.

4. Dakota State University

Dakota State University has diverse options when it comes to Biology courses. For those who wish to have a teaching career, they offer a Bachelor of Science in Education in Biology. Their Bachelor of Science in Biology for Information Systems is perfect for those who are interested in the technical side of Biology. You can find more information about their online biology courses at

5. Truman State University

In Truman State University, there are both undergraduate and post-graduate Biology online courses. Those who are interested in general Biology research and comprehension can enroll under their Master of Arts in Education in Biology. Those who want to focus on the more complex Biology principles can take up Master of Science in Biology. Truman State University’s online education website is

6. Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Mansfield University has numerous online Biology courses. They offer General Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology, Fisheries Biology, and Medical Laboratory Science Biology. These degrees can prepare the students for future careers in medicine as long as they take the proper course selection. Visit for the complete information about their online biology courses.

7. Roane State Community College

Roane State Community College is one of the leaders in distance learning. They offer online biology courses such as General Biology, Human Anatomy, and Physiology through live interactive videos. Their campuses are located at Wartburg, Oak Ridge, Jamestown, Knoxville, Crossville, Harriman, Lenoir City, and Huntsville. Go to to find out more about their online biology courses.

8. Oklahoma Panhandle State University

The Oklahoma Panhandle State University offers online biology courses like Biological Statistics and Pathophysiology. Everything you need to know about their online biology courses are found at

9. Saint Louis University

The university has a lot of biological resources such as the Missouri Botanical Garden, the St. Louis zoo, the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, and the St. Louis University School of Medicine. These resources enable the students to learn about biology beyond the four corners of the classroom. More information about their online biology courses are found at

10. Allegheny College

The Allegheny College campus is located in Meadville, Pennsylvania. They have nine biology courses where students are encouraged to perform individual and independent study and research projects. Their online Biology courses can be helpful to those who wish to have careers in the allied health fields, nursing, and marine biology.

Taking up online biology courses require extensive use of computer. Make sure that you have access to a computer that has high speed internet. Also, it is important that you have the requirements before signing up and paying for your tuition. It might seem easy, but online education is hard if you do not practice self-discipline. Enroll only at colleges with accredited online biology courses so you are sure to acquire quality education.

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