15 Online Web Design Courses For Beginners

online web design courses

Are you wondering how to start a career in web-designing? This type of job needs a lot of effort and creativity, as well as, full knowledge of the craft to develop a great and promising  career. For those who are interested, web-designing is one of the most rewarding skills beyond the scope of your imagination. Here are 15 basic online web design courses to start you off:

online web design courses

1. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

HTML is one of the earliest and easiest courses for any beginner in the world of web-designing. HTML is still used in many websites due to its simplicity and ease. You can pretty much decide whether you want to develop a career in web-designing based on your experience in taking an HTML course. Try a free course in Opera Web Standards Curriculum through this link.

2. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the most used programming languages on the web. The program allows web-designers to make dynamic pages. Take a free beginners course at Zend through this link:

3. SQL (Structured Query Language)

For managing the databases and contents of database for accessing the web, SQL is one of the most popular programs. This website that is fully devoted to SQL training is definitely worth a try for beginners:

4. Adobe Dreamweaver

If you want a simple, yet powerful tool to develop your webpage then you should definitely take a course in Adobe Dreamweaver. It’s one of the most used programs for designing websites. If you want to be an Adobe certified Dreamweaver expert, then take the course through Home Learning College.

5. HTML5

As a revised version of the HTML language, HTML5 is all set to take the world of programming languages by storm. With improved integration of video and audio technologies, HTML5 is considered by industry experts to be the future of the internet. Take this crash course from Udemy to start off your HTML5 learning.

6. CSS (Cascaded Style Sheet)

CSS is a language through which the look and the formatting of websites are managed.  It allows websites to handle dynamic graphic needs across different screens. W3schools has an online course for helping beginners easily understand CSS.

7. WordPress

WordPress has emerged as one of the biggest blogging platforms on the internet. The use of WordPress allows users to develop a complete website through different dynamic tools from the open-source community. Ranging from e-commerce websites to simple blogs, everything can be managed with the use of WordPress. A good place to learn the secret of WordPress is through Lynda.

8. Javascript

Javascript is a programming language by the use of which special client based functions can be implemented in browsers. Try Codeacademy for your first Javascript lesson.

online web design courses

9. Jquery

J Query is the most popular JavaScript library in the world, through which designers and developers can make powerful dynamic websites. Try Appsumo’s beginners’ course on Jquery.

10. VBScript

A lot of the bots on the internet are made of VBScript. The program is based upon Visual Basic through which a lot of functions in Windows operate. Start off your beginner’s course through Trainingtools.

11. C#

If you are really interested in programming then C# should already be very familiar to you. There are several high-level functions in the internet performed with the help of C#. Home and learn offers a good course for beginners.

12. Joomla

Joomla is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world through which users can manage the contents on their websites with ease. Try this online course from Joomlashack.

13. Adobe Photoshop

If you are interested in the design side of the websites, then you should definitely put some time learning how to use the Adobe Photoshop. Through Photoshop you can design customized templates and samples for websites before the codes are attached to your images. The HTML writer’s guild has a good course for beginners.

14. Dot net (.net)

It is a framework developed by Microsoft Corporation to interpret several programming languages. It’s applied for several purposes, the most important being web security. Microsoft’s MSDN offers a free online course for beginners here.

15. Adobe Flash

From loading your YouTube video, to building games and animations, Flash is the most used software platform. Try this course from 1stoptutorials for a beginner’s course in Flash.

With the list of online web design courses featured here, you are now ready to take on the Internet world by storm. Which course are you interested in?


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