Pursue Your Career At Paul Mitchell School Houston

Paul Mitchell School Houston

Paul Mitchell School Houston

To be the best in the hair style industry, you have to pursue your career at Paul Mitchell School Houston.

Hair styling is a fast growing career opportunity that is both creative and competitive. A hair stylist can earn from $20,000 – $50,000 a year.  Because there will always be people who will need to have their hair styled, this career has a secure job market.

This career gives you the opportunity to work with famous celebrities.  Stylists who are given the chance to do this are the ones who have been trained by the best in the industry. If you want to be one of the best stylists today, you have to train and learn from the best. You can only do this at Paul Mitchell School Houston.

Learn From The Best

The Paul Mitchell School in Houston is considered one of the best cosmetology schools in the world. Stylists who graduated from this school are universally recognized and are trusted by high-end salons all over the world.

Based on the life teachings of legendary hair designer Paul Mitchell, this school has been giving top-notch education to stylists since it was founded in 1980. Today, there are over 40 branches of Paul Mitchell beauty schools all across the country where aspiring stylists can be trained and certified.

Multiple Intelligence Method of Teaching

According to Howard Gardner of Harvard University, the Paul Mitchell School uses a multiple intelligence approach in teaching their courses. They make sure that everybody’s learning is special and their experiences while learning are fun and engaging. Everyone has a unique talent and skill. Each one also has their own way of understanding information. The theory of multiple intelligences recognizes these unique traits and uses them as tools for teaching. 

The Online Quiz

When applying for a course at The Paul Mitchell School, you will be asked to answer an online quiz. Unlike other school entrance tests, there are no wrong answers in this online quiz. The purpose of this quiz is to determine the talents and strengths of each student. From this assessment, each student is given a “talent key” that determines their strongest traits and capabilities. They are also given recommendations that suit these talent keys so that they may reach their full potential as a professional stylist.

Paul Mitchell School Houston

Courses Offered

The main course offered in this school is hair design. The training ranges from high-fashion hairstyles for models, chic and classy hairstyles for celebrities and of course for all possible opportunities to style. Stylists are in demand for print photography, film, ballet, theater, opera and even television.

Other courses also allow the students to specialize in skin care, makeup, barbering, aromatherapy, nail artistry, sales and marketing. Graduates can also continue with a course on “Instructor Training” which will allow them to work as an instructor for The Paul Mitchell School Houston (or other branches) after they graduate.

Professional stylists who wish to learn new methods can also proceed with the advanced academy course. The school also hosts many beauty trade shows and events where students can feature their creations.

Career Advancement

Paul Mitchell-trained stylists have a wide range of career opportunities. After graduation the school even offers financial aid opportunity and assistance in job placement for their new professional stylists. They have the option to work at Paul Mitchell Salons or put up their own salon or spa.

A School with a Heart

At Paul Mitchell Schools, part of the development and training of the students is personal healing. They maintain a caring and safe environment that helps students with certain issues like eating disorders, addictions, depression, sexual identity, and poor self-esteem. With proper mentorship and guidance, most of them learn to overcome their difficulties and turn their life around with a promising career as a stylist.

One section of the school’s website is dedicated to featuring true stories of the lives of some alumni that were changed by attending the Paul Mitchell School. Through the years, this school has helped so many aspiring stylists achieve their dreams. Who knows? One day you too, can be telling your success story on their website.

Train to be a hair stylist now. Apply at Paul Mitchell School Houson. 

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