Top Places To Download PDF Textbooks For Free

pdf textbooks

Millions of PDF eBooks are widely in circulation on the internet. The term PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which was developed by Adobe Corporation in 1993. The reason behind the massive popularity of the format is the ease with which the documents can be read across different devices and operating systems. The popularity of electronic PDF textbooks has only been increasing as years have passed. However, like the printed books, PDF books aren’t usually free.

pdf textbooks

Here are 10 websites through which you can download your PDF textbooks for free.

1. Bookboon:

This Danish company is undisputedly regarded as the biggest eBook publisher on the web. Since its inception in 2005, Bookboon’s website has managed to attract more than 10 million downloads for its 1500+ book titles. The entire catalogue of is exclusively available in PDF format. As a commercial eBook publisher, most of Bookboon’s revenue comes from advertising on its eBooks. The website thus can be considered nothing less than a goldmine for finding textbooks for any level.

2. Curriki:

As a non-profit foundation, Curriki operates its website as a free and open service. The textbooks in the website are made by experienced teachers and instructors within the Curriki community. It’s mission is to allow students, especially children, an unbounded access to knowledge. For this very reason, all the publications of Curriki are made entirely free in the PDF format. Feel free to help, as well as benefit through their noble ideals.

3. Flat World Knowledge

Although it started as a completely free eBook provider, Flat World Knowledge has relatively fewer titles in its free section these days. Even then, the website still hosts plenty of textbooks and supplementary materials that could be helpful for students.

4. CK-12

This non-profit organization features international standard customized textbooks for matching the curriculum requirements of students across different countries. The website hosts hundreds of eBook titles in PDF format for K12 level school students.

5. Project Gutenberg

More than 42,000 eBook titles are readily available for free download. No wonder why Project Gutenberg is one of the largest distributors of eBooks on the web. Quite a lot of the eBooks on the website are textbooks for different levels.

6. Open Textbooks

This website operates from collaboration between many foundations and over 200 community colleges. The website serves the needs of hundreds of students by providing free eBooks across diverse subjects. The eBooks, available from the website, are written by expert authors renowned in their field of study. All the books are available freely in PDF format.

7. Connections

This website promoted by Rice University provides college and university level textbooks in PDF format. Sign in to the website and get access to hundreds of their high quality textbooks free of cost. The website gets nearly 2 million downloads per month, which makes it one of the best sources of eBooks on the web.

8. California Learning Resource Network

Many specialized textbooks belonging to different disciplines can be downloaded for free from CLRN’s website. The network hosts hundreds of titles, most of which are useful for students up to K12 level. The website has put all the titles in PDF format.

9. Free eBooks

Hundreds of high quality textbooks for school and college level can be downloaded for free through their website. Sign up in their website to instantly start downloading your preferred textbook in PDF.

10. BookChums

BookChums serves as a great source of eBooks for free download. The website hosts a separate category for downloads of textbooks for different levels. Users need to sign in to get eBooks.

Yes, nowadays students don’t need to worry about paying huge money for their textbooks with such diverse and wonderful alternatives available on the web. You can now download PDF textbooks for free anytime you need them.

Do you know of other sites that allow you to access PDF textbooks for free?


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