Be a Pediatric Physical Therapy Practitioner: Ask Us How

pediatric physical therapy

pediatric physical therapy

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In the 1980s, children’s hospitals and pediatric units became more family-centered.  Pediatric physical therapy is one of the medical concerns which introduced a family-centered philosophy in caring for a patient. A physical therapy degree is highly recommended. This could be appropriate for family members who are often assigned to take care of a child patient.

What is pediatric physical therapy?

Pediatric physical therapy is the examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis and intervention given to children from age 0 to 12. This type of physical therapy is given to children who have physical limitations caused by trauma or disease.

When is pediatric physical therapy given?

This procedure is carried out when the child is born prematurely or is diagnosed with brain injuries or disease related to musculoskeletal and orthopedic cases. Children with impairments are given the treatment to ensure that they can still function normally. For children with prolonged illness, pediatric physical therapy is recommended as an outpatient procedure.

pediatric physical therapy

Obtaining a pediatric physical therapy degree

Children suffering from physical disabilities need utmost attention from the family. You can encourage a family member to pursue a degree in pediatric physical therapy. If you are interested, you can scout for schools that offer Pediatric Physical Therapy degree. This course is just like any other medical course except that it focuses on the therapy programs for kids.

What comprises a physical therapist education?

Pediatric physical therapy is a very specialized field. You might be required to take up certain courses as you receive a physical therapy education. Physical therapists are required to have a master’s degree from a recognized institution in the physical therapy program. A licensure exam is also needed to practice physical therapy.

What are the available physical therapy programs?

The physical therapy program offerings are master’s degree level. This has to be completed in six or seven years. This type of program is recommended for those who are fresh from high school. Another physical therapy program for college graduates is the two-year course. Only two-year training is needed because college students already obtained a degree before. It would be best if you consult your career counselor to help you choose which physical therapy program suits you. `

What to expect in studying the course

Pediatric physical therapy is not a career for everybody. You have to find a college or university that accepts high school graduate and pursue an entry level master’s degree. This is taken during first three years. Students should be prepared for science subjects which are pre- requisites for the course. On their fourth-year, students are allowed to choose major subjects such as athletics or medical. This is also the year where students prepare for their professional career as physical therapists.

pediatric physical therapy

Considerations for admission into physical therapy programs

Before being accepted to the program, most colleges and universities screen their applicants. Here are the requirements needed:

1. Grades from high school with focus on science subjects

2. SAT or ACT scores

3. Recommendation letters from previous teachers

4. Extracurricular activities

5. Essay paper on why the pediatric physical therapy is your career choice

6. Willingness to volunteer or observe in the physical therapy department

7. Maintain if not passing, high grades to be retained in the program

How much is the physical therapy salary?

Pediatric physical therapy is one of the fastest growing industries in the medical field. It is noted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics that the physical therapist employment will increase by 39% in 2020 making it one of the top 10 highest paying jobs. The annual physical therapy salary for the year 2011 reached an average of $78, 270.

Pediatric physical therapy license

The highlight of your physical therapy education is the licensure exam. You are authorized to practice in this field only if you pass the physical therapist licensure exam.

Pediatric physical therapy does not end in the completion of requirements. You need to build your career through affiliations and professional membership in different organizations. Completion of the course is an accomplishment, but to build a name for yourself as a physical therapist would be the highlight of your career.

Now is the best time to start your pediatric physical therapy career.




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