Personal Assistant Job Description: What Does A PA Do?

personal assistant job description

personal assistant job description

Most businessmen, doctors, lawyers, famous actors and people of any other profession are usually in need of a personal assistant. For this reason, this job is very in-demand in any field of business.

Educational Requirements

Usually all it takes is a high school diploma to qualify for a personal assistant job. Training from an administrative professional certificate program is a good credential and can increase chances of getting hired. Some companies provide specialized training for people they hire as PAs to prepare them for some specific tasks that the job requires.

Characteristics of a Good PA

A personal assistant has to be efficient, for the boss to be able to trust him or her with crucial tasks. Everything should be done with precision following a strict schedule. A PA has to be self-motivated and organized, because the handling of important documents is part of the responsibilities. Being a good communicator is also important because a PA is also given a responsibility to meet, receive or make calls to clients.

Scope of Work

A personal assistant’s job depends on the requirements of the employer. It can be as simple as running errands and keeping files in order. Some are responsible for receiving calls and organizing their boss’ schedule and appointments. In short, it is the PA’s job to make their employer’s job easier by taking care of the more menial tasks.

Here are some of the tasks assigned to a PA:

Office Personal Assistants:
– Clerical tasks
– Time and daily management
– Schedule of meetings
– Correspondence
– Note taking
– Typing and printing of documents
– Organizing files
– Running errands
– Arranging travel
– Answering phone calls
– Paying bills
– Buying and selling stocks
– Shopping
– Meal planning
– Remembering special occasions
– Purchasing gifts
– Monitoring and answering emails
– Cleaning of equipment (for clinic assistants)
– Hands-on assistance (for clinic assistants)
– Event management (for occasions)

Domestic Personal Assistants:
– Answering phone calls
– Grocery shopping
– Paying bills
– Cooking
– Cleaning
– Taking laundry to the cleaners
– Carrying bags and packages during travel
– Remind about important activities and occasions
– Run errands
– Helps with chores
– Sorting of mail

Annual Salary

The salary of a personal assistant depends on the scope of his or her work and where the job is located. Here is the list of average annual salaries of the different kinds of PAs.

● Travel physical therapy assistant – $94,000
● Store Manager Assistant Manager – $66,000
● Executive Personal Assistant – $61,000
● RN Specialist PA – $42,000
● Assistant Operations Manager – $41,000
● Nursing Assistant – $26,000 to $30,000
● Lab Service Technician – $27,000
● Special Education Teaching Assistant – $22,000 to $25,000
● Personal Shopping Assistant – $24,000
● MH CNA – $24,000
● Personal Care Assistant – $21,000
● Assistant Sales Team Leader – $20,000

Career Path

Many people use a career as a personal assistant as a stepping stone to better positions in the field where they are assisting. Many companies give free training to their employees whom they think have potential to do bigger tasks. Personal assistants who show greater efficiency and enthusiasm can advance into higher positions in management, human resources, marketing and public relations.

Finding Employment

Personal assistants are in demand in any line of business. In the medical world, doctors, nurses, dentists, cosmetic surgeons and physical therapists all need an assistant to help them keep things in order. Every office requires a PA in every department, as well. Because of this, it is easy to find PA jobs anywhere. All you need to do is to choose the right field where you think your skills and talents will be most efficient.

Online Work Opportunities

In recent years there has also been a big demand for online personal assistants. Many companies these days choose to hire people online to save on office space expenses. The tasks that online personal assistants do are usually clerical work that can be done at home like reading, writing and answering emails. They can also be asked to make calls and organize digital files.

A career as a personal assistant is a very promising one. It can be a good start for someone who wishes to pursue a much higher career someday. It provides you with the necessary skills and experience that will prepare you to advance into a higher level in the business you choose.

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