Police Academy Requirements: Be A Police Officer Today!

police academy requirements

What are the Police Academy requirements for one to be a police officer?

If you think you have the strength of character to be a cop or a law enforcement officer, there are things that you need to know to help you get ready before entering the Police Academy.

police academy requirements

Police officers play a very important role in the society. It is their responsibility to protect the safety of the public and to serve the community. It is true that anyone can be a police officer but it is not easy to be one of them. There are training requirements and challenging tests or drills to pass before one can become a policeman or policewoman.

Here are the important police academy requirements and information to get you started:

Initial Application Requirements

  • U.S. Citizenship
    • US Citizen
    • A permanent resident foreigner who has applied for US citizenship
    • A Licensed Driver
    • Must be at least twenty-one (21) years old
    • Must pass a Background investigation (must have a good moral character)
    • Must pass the police officer interview
    • Should be free from psychological and physical disorders
    • Pass a medical clearance (The candidate should pass the Drug Test)

Educational Requirements

  • High School certificate/diploma
  • General Education Development (GED) to determine the individual’s IQ level
  • A college diploma or degree would be an advantage
  • Two (2) years of military experience

Physical and Mental Preparation

  • Before entering the Police Academy, a candidate must permanently quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol
  • A week before taking the Academy’s drug test, make sure to consult a doctor about your health and confirm if you are fit to enter the Police Academy and go through  their rigorous physical training
  • Exercise regularly. Do this a month before applying or taking the drug examination in the academy
  • Maintain good health through diet and enough sleep
  • Gather information and academic details about the Police Academy (e.g. Practice your reading comprehension, prepare for the agility test, grammar test, hands-on training, writing evaluation and other police academic tests)

Police Academy Curriculum Information

The curriculum and training programs in the Police Academy last from six (6) to eight (8) months with class schedule of 40 hours per week.

During training, there are different basic activities provided to prepare the students in becoming a police officer. Activities like reading and researching, writing essays and reports, watching films related to police training, role-play presentations, and hands-on exercises (computer and technology related activities) are just some of the many courses they have to undergo.

The student will participate in a mock play between a crime victim and a police officer. It can also be between a police officer and a lawyer. This type of activity allows students to be aware of what is really happening in the society between a police officer and other people. The role play is actually to prepare them on how to handle different scenarios after being a police officer. To get the basic facts about Police Academy requirements and curriculum, please click this link: http://www.education.com/reference/article/academy-experience/

Additional Information:

Police Compensation and Employment Details

A police officer may choose his or her career path in the different variety of fields in the training academy. A police officer’s salary and compensation are dependent on his rank and field of practice. Please refer to the table below.

The starting salary of the Police officer ranges from $12,000 up to $72,000. According to the US Bureau Labor of statistics (as of November 25, 2013), there are different average salaries of police officers with distinctive titles:



Police Officer – Lateral $72,000
Police Officer – Law Enforcement $69,000
Police Officer – University $38,000
Police Officer – NYPD $33,000
Police Officer – Armed Bank Protection Officer $31,000
Police Officer – Custom Protection Security $27,000
Police Officer – Armed Custom Protection Officer $27,000
Police Officer – Unarmed Custom Protection Officer $26,000
Police Officer – Property Resource Security Officer $25,000
Police Officer – Armed/Unarmed Upscale Security Officer $23,000
Police Officer – Military Police $12,000


So are you ready to be a Police Officer? Prepare the Police academy requirements now and get started!


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