Top 10 Courses Offered At Redlands Community College

Redlands Community College


Redlands Community College

Aside from the difficulty of finding a suitable college or university, choosing the right course to take in can also be a bit of a challenge. However in the west of Oklahoma City, one of the oldest higher learning institutions continually gives students the chance to pursue a promising career with the various courses it offers. Redlands Community College offers 12 Associate Degree programs in the Arts and more than 30 in Science and Applied Science disciplines. They also offer Mastery programs in Child Development, Computer Forensic Science, Enology and Viticulture. Career Certificate Programs, University Transfer Credit, and even Online courses are also available.

Here are the lists of the top ten courses offered in Redlands Community College:

1)    Business Administration

The BA program is usually broad business courses that have specific concentrations like, accounting, business law, and others. This degree also develops the students’ practical management skills, communication skills and business decision-making capabilities.

2)    General Studies

This program assesses essay-writing skills, comprehension, different languages, awareness of current affairs, economic understanding, etc. Redlands Community College will help the students in developing practical techniques to boost academic success in the future. It is designed to prepare students in resume writing, answering interviews, and preparing them for entry into the workforce.

3)    Physical Sciences

Physical science is a broad degree that covers other science subjects. Physical science allows the students to learn chemistry, physics, geology, and astronomy. A person with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry can work in the private industry and government. They can pursue professions like biotechnology, materials sciences, forensic science and hazardous waste management.

Geologists are persons who study and research certain locations to find water, mineral, and other energy sources. They spend their time in the office, fieldwork, and laboratory work. Physicists explore and identify principles about matter and the interaction of matter and energy. Physics students develop their ability to analyze physical situations. Those who graduated with this course program are usually hired as research technicians, lab assistant, or in health physics.

4)    Pre-Criminal Justice (under Associate of Art)


An associate degree is a brilliant place to start for a student who wants to pursue a degree in criminal justice. It allows students to gain classroom knowledge, strengthen their skills and abilities, and prepare them for the responsibilities of the profession. Many employment positions prefer candidates who have an associate degree.

5)    Accounting Technology

Accounting Technology graduates are called accounting technicians. They undergo a study course of nine months or longer, being a technical course. Redlands Community College provides the students the accounting skills needed to perform duties such as  bookkeeping, preparing payroll,  general ledger, auditing, and tax return preparation. They can seek employment with business enterprises such as hospitals, private businesses and accounting firms.

6)    Child Development

Child development is a unique course that allows students to learn and understand child development theories and research.

7)    General Psychology

This program enables the student to understand human learning, emotions, and behaviors. Common jobs for psychologists are social service workers, intake counselor, case manager, or referral specialist. They can work in government, non-profit organizations, residential care facility or social service agency.

8)    Information Technology (Applied Technology)

IT has been a demanding job in the market. IT students studies everything about computers, including hardware and software. They are the ones behind every program, database, computer parts, and many other things associated with computers. The objective of this college is to prepare you for the advancement of technology. With the competition around the world, IT graduates may be able to design technical solutions to hardware and software problems.

9)    Elementary Education

Students who want to be an elementary teacher are enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. They are prepared on how to effectively educate their future students, motivate them, and solve problems in the classroom.

10) Biological Sciences

Studying biology will let you ask questions, make observations, evaluate evidence, and solve problems. Because, they earn how living things interact with each other. This course is exciting and financially rewarding. Graduates can expect to have careers in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical research, investigates threats to human health, and maintains viable and abundant food supplies.

Redlands Community College

Among the list of courses offered at Redlands Community College, which one are you considering?

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