Sample Statement Of Purpose: Steps On How To Write A Standout SOP

sample statement of purpose

sample statement of purpose

Are you looking for a sample statement of purpose?

When applying to a graduate school, you will be asked to submit a statement of purpose. A statement of purpose is probably one of the most challenging tasks in trying to get into graduate school. It is similar to a letter of application or essay for those applying for college scholarship. It must speak about yourself and why you are worthy to be part of the master’s degree program.

Having an excellently written statement of purpose does not guarantee your admission to graduate school. But, an efficiently composed statement of purpose may actually work to your advantage when you are in any of the following situation:

  • Incurred low grades in one or two courses in college
  • Obtained the same grade (GPA or GRE) with another applicant
  • Standardized scores are lower than the cutoff score in a particular program

Other than looking for a sample statement of purpose that will guide you in writing one, here are some tips to guide you  in writing a standout statement of purpose:

  • Before you write your statement of purpose, it is important to look at the degree program you are interested in. Check out the program curriculum, courses and try to match it with your area of interests.
  • Based on your informal research about the graduate course and its curriculum, you can start drafting your ideas.
  • From your drafted ideas, create a narrative statement of purpose that focuses on a main topic. Sometimes,you might encounter instructions that are too general – limiting you to write only 1500 words. However, this is a chance to show your ability in imparting ideas clearly and concisely.
  • No matter how vague the question is, always point out to a single topic. You can talk about your background and how the graduate degree will help you improve in your profession. Another important part of your statement is your reasons for entering graduate school. Make sure that you are able to connect your educational background, professional experience and your purpose in pursuing a graduate degree.
  • Most questions asked when providing a statement of purpose boils down to two main points: What kind of work are you interested in after graduate school and why is the program you are applying suitable for you?

sample statement of purpose

  • The first question is very tricky as it may lead you to think that it is just a general question. But, you must answer carefully in full details. Your answer to the first question must present a specific topic you would like to work into. It should point out your goal and target of research once you are admitted to graduate school. It will give an impression that you know what you are getting into.
  • The second question may sound easy but, try to answer it differently from other people. Avoid the usual “best foot forward” kind of answers in writing your statement of purpose. Identify reasons why you are interested in the course. Compose ideas that will link your job to the graduate program. Make it sound that graduate school is very important in your road to success.
  • Your statement of purpose should also reflect “what matters to you and why?”. This question is more for the admission committee to see your purpose in enrolling in graduate studies. It is like curriculum vitae written in a shorter form. This should include a somewhat personal touch for the admission committee to get to know you personally through the statement of purpose.
  • Another important component in your statement of purpose is to show what makes you stand out from the other candidates. Not everyone can withstand the challenges of a graduate school. Express and build up confidence on why the admission committee should choose you. List down your achievements in a simple way and what helped you attain success. Talk about your journey in attaining your goals and what drives you in doing so.

Remember that being honest in composing your statement of purpose makes you stand out from the rest. With these tips shared, plus a sample statement of purpose, are you ready to send in your application for graduate school?

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