Top 7 Scholarships For College Students You Must Apply For

scholarships for college students

One way to easily finance your college education is by getting a college scholarship. Expect hundreds of thousands competition when it comes to college scholarships in the most well-known universities.  Instead of competing against the limited slots for most universities, find those schools that can generously give scholarships for college students without too many requirements.

scholarships for college students

Here are the 7 scholarships that college students should apply for:

1. Intertek Scholarship

This scholarship program is for aspiring college students who would like to take up courses under the STEM program or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The scholarship chooses five awardees who receive $10,000 each and are also privileged to work as an intern at an Intertek office.

Eligibility Requirements for the Intertek Scholarship:

  • It is open to both male and female college applicants
  • Citizen of USA or Canada
  • Presently enrolled in an undergraduate degree in any college within the USA or Canada
  • Interest or currently taking up an engineering course
  • Overall GPA of 3.2
  • Available for the intership service by Summer

Application Requirements are:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Essay questions
  • Official Transcript of Records

2. Talbots Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is open for women who have completed their high school diploma or GED. They should have been admitted to a college degree at an accredited university in the US or Canada.

In order to qualify for the scholarship, you must fulfill the following: applicants must already be enrolled in a college within the first or second semester; only those who are projected to graduate on time will be awarded the scholarship. Remember that only the first 5,000 scholarship applicants will be processed. The process is pretty easy and similar to other scholarship applications where you will be asked to answer some essays. College scholarships amounting to $5000 to $30000 will be given.  Out of the 5000 applicants, there will be 31 lucky students.

3. Gates Millennium Scholarship Program

This is a scholarship program for the minority group. The GMS Program selects 1000 students to receive the scholarship, which they can use to a variety of colleges and universities. The following are the requirements for the GMS college application:

  • Student application
  • School’s evaluation of applicant’s academic record
  • Evaluation of student’s community involvement and leadership activities.

All three requirements must be completed in order to qualify for the scholarship. This scholarship is funded by the couple, Bill and Melinda Gates. It was established in 1999 the African American, American-Indian, Asia Pacific American and Hispanic American college students.

4. Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

CKSF provides a variety of college scholarship around the US. CKSF requires no essay and no GPA requirements. All high school graduates and college students can apply for this scholarship program. The screening process will only require applicants to answer quizzes about “common knowledge” to specific academic subjects, books, websites and even movies. The quiz is accomplished on line. The passing grade is based on accuracy and time of completion. Results can be easily accessed through CSKF website. Scholarship awards range from $250 to $2500.

5. The Posse Foundation Scholarship

This is a scholarship for students with unique skills. Posse was recognized by President Obama as one of the MacArthur awardees. The inspiration for Posse Scholarship is to find students from the urban areas and make use of these special gifts to encourage their success in college. It was founded in 1989 for public school students with excellent academic background. Usually, 10 students are chosen and they are enrolled in Posse-partner schools, colleges and universities.

6. AFSA Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is open to high school seniors who are aspiring to enter college. If a student wants to apply for the AFSA Scholarship, he or she must be a legal citizen of the USA. Homeschooled students are also qualified to apply for this scholarship. Applicants of the AFSA Scholarship must be able to read the “Fire Sprinkler Essay” which can be found on their website. There will be a registration page and students are asked some questions. A student can receive $2000 worth of scholarship for as long they keep on answering correctly.

7. The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

This scholarship program is for students who are fond of joining community service programs. Prudential started giving this scholarship in 1995 in partnership with NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principal). The scholarship program also recruits award recipients from all over Southeast Asia, some parts of Europe and US. Those who are qualified in the Prudential Scholarship must have US citizenship; has volunteered for any community service program for the past 12 months; and must have a completed application form endorsed by the school principal. Those from the local states will receive $1000 worth of scholarship while the national awardees will receive $5000.


You do not have to be a genius to be qualified for a college scholarship. Sometimes your unique skills can also be your ticket in securing a college education. Do not let anything hinder you from applying to college and obtain a degree. Open your eyes to the many options as there are lots of scholarship programs available!

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